Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nothing Left To Rant About, A Call Out To The Blogger Support Network For A Friend, Captured Cuties

Hey blogger friends, you know what, I have been so ranted out with the Jay situation and all, that I dont really have a rant left for today's, "On My Last Gay Nerve." Picking on Pastor Ted and his hypocrisy would just be too easy, and now that I am done with my extra week of training and back to my 1:30pm to 10pm shifts starting tomorrow, I can get back to bloggin' in the morning and I am happy about that.

Instead, lets try to touch knuckles and make our "Wonder Guru Powers Activated". Now if you know where that phrase 'sorta' comes from, you are either old like me, or love cartoon trivia, LOL. Here's the deal, remember I told you about another friend going thru a hard time right now? Here's a mini-capsulation of the whole situation. My buddy Chip is one of the most fantastic wizards of still and commercial camera and editing systems, that I have ever seen. He graduated near the top of his class for this at University in New York State. After learning even more of the ropes in film production and editing, working for a company that makes commercials and edits televisions shows and other multi-media productions, He went out on his own about 4 years back and opened his own company. In the early days it was rough, and he brought on a partner that he thought would be the answer to his prayers, instead, he inherited the partner from hell, and has had to take drastic measures this week to buy him out, at a greatly inflated price that the guy ever bought in for, because of the hard work Chip has done to establish and maintain clients. Using all of his resources to buy the partner out has left the company with no cushion to fall back on and they are going to have to work their asses off to maintain the company and build it even more, before he has to go bankrupt. I am going to jump in on my off time from work and help him all I can, but this is where you all come in. If you Own, Work For, Have a Friend or Relative, that is looking for camera or editing work, please send it Chip's way. YOU can save this business and get some excellent, high quality video and editing work along the way. Looking to put together an awesome "end of season" football tribute video? Looking for a commercial for your new company to put on the air and not sure about how to do it without going thru an expensive ad agency? Are you the next big Country, Rock and Roll, Punk Star and need someone to help you put your first music video together? Chip and Accent Media is here for you to do it all.

He has travelled extensively to shoot and edit music videos, including the Mr. Rogers one from New York to Nashville that eventually led to the grammy, and San Francisco for an upcoming exercise video, to the wilds of the woods for an outdoor show currently scene on a popular Outdoorsman channel. He is willing and able to come to your town with himself or his crack team to get a shoot or commercial, or music video, or exercise video, or company presentations and training programs, to whatever video needs you have, (civil unions anyone??) Also in today's digital age, if you just want some first rate editing done on any of your projects, he can come solo to do that, or you can merely send him the digital formats and he can upload them in his state of the art studio and edit them here in NE Ohio, and ship them back out to you. You looking to bring your company or know someone that wants to bring their company into the digital age with a top quality website?? Accent Media has now acquired a fantastic website designer that can work for you and everything can be done over the Internet, online, and you can get a great product without having to be exiled here to NE Ohio yourself, and he can even come out to you to get pictures and a feel for the site if necessary. Do me this big favor blogger friends and readers, if you need video/audio/editing work, you can contact me thru the blog here and I will forward your information to him. Or you can contact Chip directly at his email, CHIP.ACCENTMEDIA@MAC.COM. He has been a great friend to me and friend to the GLBT community, and I am hoping we can use the power of the Internet to bring him some extra business and get him through this tough time. I havent told him I am doing this yet, he is too modest to ask for help and I want to get it out there before he tries to stop me, LOL. You can however, check out this link to see one of his demo videos. The company is in the midst of updating and creating a new demo disk, and one of the additions to proudly add, is that the Mr. Rogers Tribute Recording and Video the company put together went on to win one of this year's Grammy's!!

Todays captured cuties comes from the soon to be departed blog, Actor's Crush. It seems they are just not in the mood to crush on actors anymore. They will be missed, but there is still the hot site pretty boys club they contribute to....Have a great new week blogger friends.........enjoy.........GG


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