Friday, November 17, 2006

Driving Miss D. (and Adrienne too) lol, thanx muchacha

Hello blogger friends, and welcome to the weekend. Well my big moment as a chauffeur has come and gone and it was a rousing success and good time had by all. So here's some background on the situation. As I said, I used to own the restaurant and bar in the basement of this hotel here in NE Ohio. I leased the basement for a year and tried to make a go of it. What I thought would be a great investment, really was not so much and I ended up losing about 40 thousand dollars and got out of it. I am still friends with the owner and general manager of the hotel. I need you to understand that I use the term hotel very loosely here. Oh it is charming in it's own way, and very historic, it was built in the late 1800's, and let's say that it is comfortable, but definitely does not have the bells and whistles of the finer hotels. The owner is an Indian man, very nice, but you cant understand what he is saying half the time, and definitely it is all about him and making a buck. The general manager is sweet as can be, but to call her an older italian matriarch, is to not put enough emphasis on older, lol. Neither really have the sense of class or statesmanship to be running, let alone owning a nicer hotel, and this place kinda works for them. I will leave my whole story about how I came to be there for another post.

So the closer I am getting to play chauffeur, the more nervous I am getting. Neither Dee or Adrienne, (they asked me to call them that, sigh,) are in the prime of their career, but have had some damn fine careers, (hello, the mom in ET one of the biggest selling movies of all times and Cujo and Howling, both cutting edge of the new horror genre, and Adrienne in groundbreaking Maude, originating Rizzo in Grease, 3 Seasons of Carnivale on HBO!!) I was a little intimidated about showing up in the trusty comfortable Buick. DAMN!!! Work called, got to get in there NOW!! More to come late night tonight blogger friends and readers, sorry...........GG TO BE CONTINUED.......................




ARGH, you're such a tease! Start us off with the story then "work called"...uh-huh, just want to make sure we all check back! ;) As for which car...well, which one would have you as the driver? :)

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