Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lot's Of Thank You's, More To Come.........

Happy Saturday blogger friends and readers.  Thanx for all of your nice comments and emails about my "roadtrip" with the girls yesterday.  It was a blast and I am going to visit them in a couple of hours. I hope you are all enjoying the weekend before Thanksgiving, time to eat lite for the next 5 days so we can gorge ourselves on Thursday, lol.

Lot's of stuff to talk about lately, and today is no different.  First I want to thank a special MySpace friend who nominated me for something I didnt even know about. I guess MySpace is taking nominations for the MySpace Impact Awards. They are asking people to nominate their favorite MySpace pages that impact Poverty Relief, Health and Safety, Environmentalism, International Development, Social Justice and Community Building.    My friend nominated The Gay Guru for the Community Building catagory.  I really appreciate the nomination, and though that is my ultimate goal, to build the GLBT community into a confident, respected environment, where our sexuality is just a non-issue and our humanity is what people are talking about, I am not sure if I am in the same league as a lot of organizations around MySpace.  If for some minor miracle I get enough nominations to be in the running, I do appreciate any of your efforts, it is very heartfelt, and again, I am grateful.

In some bad news about good news for a good cause, between myself and a couple other bloggers talking about the boycott against her business, Teri Yale of Davey's Basement, (that I talked about here,) has received a lot of love and support from our GLBT community, that her website has temporarily crashed, due to exceeding it's bandwith.  More good news is however, that I called Teri yesterday to let her know that her site was down, and we had a terrific talk.  She told me of the love and outpouring of support she has gotten from the community, that her web designer is out of town until Monday or Tuesday, but she will have the site back up then, and to thank all of my readers for stopping by, and hope they do again soon.  She also agreed to do an interview with me for an upcoming post that I will feature here and on the website.  Thanx again for activating the "Guru Wonder Powers," you guys and all those that support our community, are the BEST!!  More to come on this.

I have even more thank you's to dispurse to all of you that commented and emailed me about my search for a new logo here for the Gay Guru.  I got some great advice, some commiserating support on how hard Flash is, and I am in big trouble if I try to do it myself, lol, and some awesome entries and suggestions.  So far, I have to tip my hat to my favorite, submitted by good friends Mike and D from Dareya Wear.  Oh My God!!! Tell me if this isn't wicked kewl!!  I am always looking for more help and submissions, there is room for lot's.  A super big thanx and hug to Mike and D for this fantastic flash logo.

I have much more to talk about blogger friends, but I can't keep the "girls," Adrienne and Dee, waiting much longer.  I will share pics and more stories later tonight after work or tomorrow.........enjoy the weekend...........GG


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