Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Tomorrow and Here Are Some Thoughts, Brothers and Sisters on ABC, In The News, Captured Cuties

All rightie blogger friends and readers, it's my last day to implore you to vote, (I cant count tomorrow, I will be out voting and working and watching returns with bated breath.) The way it comes down to, as I see it, is this; Are YOU better off now than you were 6 years ago? How about 4 years ago? How about a measley 2 years ago? That is how long the current party has been in complete control of all three branches of government, the Executive branch, the House and the Senate. I ask how you personally are doing compared to the past, because we have some faulty indicators on the national level. Yes we are seeing strong economic indicators and the stock market is up higher than ever before, yet has that helped YOU? I can't even call the Republicans lying that their tax cuts are helping the economy. But do you know WHY I cant say that? Because all the tax cuts have done is help the already wealthy in our great nation and make them wealthier, giving them more profits to put into the stock market and banks, and other ways to make the economic indicators look favorable.....TO THEM. I am all for a capitalist society and let the businessmen make some money, but when the CEO of Halliburton makes 100 million dollars off stock and bonus options because of the company's affilliation with the war in Iraq, something is off somewhere.

Despite the rise in the gross domestic output, America's standard living wage has actually been going down when adjusted for inflation. Just one example is here in my exiled state of Ohio, Republican Senatorial candidate Mike Dewine has voted against a minimum wage increase 9 times while in office, yet in his 8 years in office he has received $30,000 dollars in cost of living increases in his salary. That means if he was making an hourly salary, based upon 52 work weeks at 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, he has voted for himself to get $14.36 dollars an hour raise total in the past 8 years, while he has still held down the cute lil ol' lady at burger king who is working into her late 60's to pay for prescriptions, to Ohio's current $5.15 cents an hour minimum wage!!

Unemployment is down?? Maybe a bit depending on your state, but overall the average increase in employment is in hourly wages that barely scratch the poverty level. There HAS NOT been an increase in jobs where a person could make an actual decent living out of it.

Democrats surely do not have the high road on personal ethics, but absolute power corrupts absolutely, and these past 8 years of absolute power of the branches of government has created the most hypocritical, scandal ridden, majority party in our country's history. And THIS is from the so-called "Family Values" party. When have we EVER had as many leaders of a party in office have to resign or remove themselves from positions of authority?

A quick note to the Lesbians and my other lady readers out there. In my political viewing this past week there was an interesting hypothesis bandied about late in the week. Should the Democrats win both the House AND the Senate tomorrow, here is a scenario that is possibly in the works......Hillary Clinton, will remove herself from consideration of running for President immediately, and lobby for and possibly get Harry Reid to step down as Senate Democratic leader and assume his position. That would leave for the first time in history, not just one, but TWO females as heads of 2 out of 3 branches of government. I personally think Hillary makes a fantastic Senator, and would be a fantastic Senate majority leader. I dont want to discount her as a presidential contender at all, she has the qualifications for the job, but is so polarized, it would be a tough fight to sell. With Obama considering a run for the presidency, it would keep the party unified and have two strong powerful women helping to lead and shape our government and they can do no worse than the men that have been up there before. With women being the majority sex in our nation, I do not understand how they have been kept from this real power for so long. I would have my Momma Guru running the country over my Papa Guru, any day of the week, (no offense papa.)

Okay, two more days. That is all you will have to hear of my constant waxing political is roughly two more days. Tomorrow for a last minute, short, get out the vote plea, and Wednesday, with some serious celebrating or wallowing. After that, although I will never shrink from stating political beliefs, you shouldnt have to read about it so much on here. Thanx for putting up with me.

Dammit!! I forgot to remind you yesterday to check out "Brothers and Sisters" on ABC last night at 10pm. This is one of the top 3 shows in television for me. I love the cast, Sally Field, Treat Williams, Rachel Griffits, Balthazar Getty, Calista Flockart, and so many others who are doing a FANTASTIC job. I think I misled you last week when i talked about the show and said you could watch the entire episode on, you can only see preview clips. As I said, they are not shying away from the gay storyline one little bit. Believe me, it's not the only reason I watch the show, but it's awesome to see us fairly represented on primetime. I do hope however, that the Kevin character learns to get over his pompous ass self quickly and stops sabatoging his relationship with Scottie. There is so much humor and drama and respect of the quirky family wrapped in this show, that I think there is something for everyone to relate to. Please tune into this awesome show. A funny thing while going to capture an image of the cast, there are two very different cast photo's. It seems there was some last minute casting done, and the show seems the better for it...have a look.....

The Way The Cast Is

The Way The Cast Was??

Interesting Items In The News.................while we cant always get motivated to get out on our right to vote, these brave GLBT's are exercising their right in a far more dangerous place, Massive Security Planned For Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade; and as he deals with his "dark and repulsive behavior", Haggard Admits To Sex With Gay Hustler; in an uphill fight considering it's the President's and former State Governor's home state who is spearheading anti-gay legislation, Texas Tries To Shake Its Anti-Gay Image; and finally, in more hope that strong women can make necessary changes in attitudes, Pro-Gay Woman Takes Over Divided Episcopal Church

Hey, Thanx for activating the Wonder Guru power on yesterdays post. There has already been one lead sent it, but Chip needs as many as he can get. Please read over yesterdays post to see if you or any of your friends or associates have any work that might need some of Chip and Accent Media's talents. Todays Captured Cuties is from cuties drew and pepe over at He Said, He Said. I hope you have a great week blogger friends and dont forget to vote tomorrow.............GG



Excellent summary of why folks MUST get out and vote tomorrow, kiddo...kudos to ya! And I wonder why I suddenly have the yearning to take my poochie for a walk to the park? Secretly hoping hottie #2 will be there? ;)



and the rest will be easy.

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