Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Gay Friendly?" Carol Channing, Learning Flash/Looking for Logo, In The News, Captured Cuties

Hello Blogger Friends and Readers. Have you tiptoed into the week quietly, or come rushing in with both barrels? Kinda both for me with lots on my plate, but in a laid back mood and not too much energy for some reason, maybe it's the cooler weather, and the cloudiness with most of the leaves off the tree's here in NE Ohio.

As you know, entertainment gossip is not my thing, I am just not well connected enough to hear about many things until they are told 4 other times already. I will take a couple minutes to talk about a recent controversy with a living icon Carol Channing. It seem's there was a recently published interview with the star, that has tarnished her reputation as the oh so homo-friendly person that she has always been purported to be. The only reason I am bringing this up, is because the original interview first appeared in my state's local gay paper, Ohio's Gay Peoples Chronicle. Now we have the publicist of Ms. Channing coming to rescue, and telling how the story is simply not true and is very out of context thru ommission of a single word. The interviews author, Kaizaad Kotwal, asked the star if she often thinks about her large gay following, and quoted Channing as saying, "I don’t think about them. I’m grateful that they seem to like me. They’re terribly loyal to me. But I’m knee-deep in the Bible and you know what it says about that." However, Channing's publicist, Harlan Boll, has released a statement insisting that Channing's statements were taken out of context. He goes on to say that the reporter misconstrued the statements in order to "bash an icon" and "make a name for himself". Boll says, "Kotwal says he is quoting from a transcript which he doesnt have. He was asking questions of Carol that were clearly traps... With reference to the Bible - she said about gay marriage "You know what the Bible says about it ... Nothing." The interviewer failed to add that last comment in the quote to the interview." I am not sure who is telling the complete truth in the "she said, oh no she really said," ordeal, but I do have some back issues of the Chronicle, and am going to see what other articles Mr. Kotwal has written, and if they were slanted in any particular direction. And they say nothing exciting or significant happens in Ohio, LOL, SNOREzzzzzzzzzzz!

So my buddy Chip gave me Flash MX and Photoshop 7 and CSS, to help me in my website building endeavors. I am appreciative to the point where I have to remind him I am about as creative and crafty as a flea. So for the last couple of days, I have been been playing with the programs and seeing if I can figure out how they work at all. I am learning some fun things in photoshop, (I can almost take my pain in the ass Brother Guru out of some family pictures and make them look normal again, LOL,) but I still have a long way to go. Flash is another thing entirely, I just dont get how to make these animations work very well at all. I will keep trying, but I need a tutor, (any 6' 175, brown hair, green eye, hotties adept at Flash wanna come give a very appreciative Guru a lesson, hehe!!) One of the main things I want to do is come up with a new logo for the blog and the website. The crystal ball is kewl and all, but I really want something more fun and Guru'ish like a kewl funky turban or something like that. That could be done in Photoshop I guess and any animation of it in Flash would just be a bonus. Are any of you out there blogger friends, secret or open Flash Wizards?? You want to help me with a new logo design? If you have the time and the availability, give it a shot, and send in your logo's to me here at my email addy, scott@thegayguru.net.

Some interesting stories In The News.........i guess George Michael can't be the only gay giving us a bad name, More Legal Trouble For Lesbian Fire Chief; since the one of the lead plaintiffs in this case split up, doesnt that prove even more we are ready to have these same rights that our hetero friends do and divorce with frequently, California Supreme Court Asked To Rule On Gay Marriage; let's hope the Jersey Justices see the light on this issue as well, NJ Supreme Court Hears Anti-Gay Bullying Case; of course billboards should only be used by the "ex-gay" movement, jeeeesh, Billboard Company Nixes Same-Sex Couple Ads; unfortunately, this is a lesson for what happens when we break apart instead of work together, Outgames Lost $5 Million; let's hear it for the girls, UK To Allow IVF For Lesbians; milk: it does a body good, Property Found In Dairy Products Could Thwart HIV; and finally, in a country where Apartheid was the law of the land for way too long, they surpass the US in equality, South Africa Passes Gay Marriage Law

Today's Captured Cuties were found over at 101 Boys. Hope you all have a great day, and enjoy the rest of the week............GG


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