Monday, November 20, 2006

Last Minute Airport Plans, Daveys Basement Has More Woe's, Brothers and Sisters, Mac and Brokeback

Monday morning blogger friends and readers and I am back from the airport, thus ending my chauffeur duties with no loss of life, limb or property. Some last minute drama on it however, is that the horror convention was dead on Sunday, (and not in the good way that horror people like dead,) so Dee really wanted to try to sneak out so she could have all day today to get ready for her daughters 18th birthday. Mission Accomplished! On a quick maneuver, I was able to take Dee to the airport
yesterday afternoon and Adrienne and Chris this morning. This made for a fantastic one on one talk with Dee yesterday and a groggy one on one talk with Adrienne this morning as Chris went back to sleep in the back seat. Both celebrities sooooo exceeded my expectations, and Adrienne is even calling me later in the week to give her some advice for her MySpace page for her CD and Audiobook of her Autobiography......kewlness..........

A quick update with more to come on my new hero Teri Yale over at Davey's Basement. The small business owner who is facing homophobia and boycott's for her indie record and vintage concert t-shirt shop's sponsoring of a float for the GSA student union in the Mason High School homecoming parade. She received my questions for her interview, but sent me a distressing email back that now someone has actually hacked into her website and caused all sorts of problems. She is dealing with that this week and will get to my interview soon I hope. In the meantime, show her all the support and love you can by visiting the Davey's Basement MySpace page, sending words of encouragement and support, and tell her The Gay Guru sent you.

Have you seen ABC's "Brothers and Sisters", I have been telling you about?? I keep forgetting to post reminders about it on Sunday. Next week, they are not showing it, but the week after is a new episode. I LOVE these characters!!! The stories are average, but the characters just rock my stuff!! ***SPOILER ALERT*** Last night, Kevin, my future imaginary husband, the gay brother, got put into a bar full of army boys and lo and behold, he finds the one gay soldier in the group. They then make jokes about it, and it is inferred that he slept with the guy in a one night stand. Now there is serious debate about this being good or bad PR for our GLBT community, but just the fact that they are showing it and adding the dialogue to the show is pretty important and monumental in it's own way. Have you seen the show yet? What do you think about Kevin's character? Is he hurting or helping homosexual stereotypes? In general, is it good for gay character to be sexually active on prime time Sunday night? I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and emails. And here is the romance that started it all. Check out these videos, THANX YOU TUBE!!

And in case you think playing the part of driver took up all my weekend, au contraire, it was full up with an evening of macaroni and cheese, brokeback mountain, and live jazz/blues music!! I am still trying to figure out how to load the mini-movies I made at the jazz jam onto here, so will post that later or tomorrow, but I can tell you about the other. My crazy friends Jon, his lover Greg, and Seth and I had a "Mac Attack and Brokeback" night on Friday. Greg made his famous Mac and Cheese casserole, I brought the wine, Seth brought fresh baked bread from Panera, and we ate large and spent the rest of the evening chatting and then settled in for a screening of Brokeback Mountain on the boys new 52 " television. A good time was had by all. So good a time, and since YOU have been soooo good with me not posting some hot captured cuties for a couple of days, I give you an EXPANDED edition of Captured Cuties, Brokeback style...............yahoooooo, giddy up pardner....GG


Marco Valente

Oh my those boys are hot! You got good taste, lol!

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