Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm Down The Street and Around The Corner From Writers Block, Captured Cuties

Hey Blogger Friends and Readers.........weekend is just a few hours away. This schedule change has taken some getting adjusted to, sorry I havent been able to keep a certain schedule with posts. To be honest, I am actually having a bit of writers block at the moment as well. I have a lot going on again all of a sudden and I need to take some time to focus it before I get too overwhelmed and bogged down again. There are many important things to me right now. The election is huge. I could be taking it too personally, but I really believe we need to stand up as a community and as a country in this election and let them know we are just not going to take it anymore, from Republicans or Democrats. The housing situation is still unfinished, there is a lot of behind the scenes drama I dont want to bore you with, but it is still not settled and that leaves me uneasy. My best friend J and I just cant seem to connect to get a project or two off the ground and it is causing us both to get cynical and bitter of the projects and each other, and I value our friendship too much for that to happen. I want to see this project grow wider and reach more people, but I am stumped how to get that to happen without losing some dignity of the purpose of the blog and website. All this is to say it's not going to be a post really tonight at all, maybe we'll just call it a rant and get to the hot boys, LOL, today from Boybox. Thanx for being there blogger friends..............GG



these boys would un block me really fast. LOVE THE PICs
Peace and freedom and love

San Jose


There is no way to NOT take this election personally. Our country is at a horrible crossroads and we MUST get it back on track. I only wish I could speak as eloquently or write as incredibly as Keith Olbermann did in this video. The video can't be embedded in a blog comment, so maybe you'd like to embed it in your blog, GG? Anyway, will include the URL. PLEASE take the time to view it's too important to miss. And for crying out loud, PLEASE vote on November 7th!!!

The Gay Guru

thanx for the comments blogger friends, always looking to please with the captured cuties donpato, and thanx for the back-up Socal, I saw that video the other day, and will at least link it here if i cant get it to play...Glad others see the need to vote to change the way things are going in our country...GG


Hey GG, hope everything is good in your world. Did you have a good Halloween?


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