Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Note's From The Basement, I'll Get You My Pretty, "HUMP"day Wednesday Expanded Captured Cuties

I'm back with another little entry blogger friends. I got the sweetest letter from my new friend and Hero Teri Yale, over at Davey's Basement, over the weekend, and her newsletter in my email today. I can't tell you how nice this woman is, and boycott or not, this lady is going on to even greater things in her life, I can tell. Support from you all, and other bloggers and their friends, has really meant a lot to Teri, and again she says thank you all very much. Two readers of this blog even live close enough to have visited her last week, shopped and mentioned me to her, and I thank them for giving her some business. Things are still rough, and sales arent where they need to be, there is even now a possibility of eviction, but thru it all, she remains positive and will serve her town and our GLBT community till it is impossible to anymore. You still have time to go to the website and purchase christmas gifts, or just say hello and offer some christmas cheer. Go Teri friend, and I hope you will get all your dreams and learn your true calling because I think there is much more in store for you than just shopowner.....MUAH!!

Some interesting news with a gay twist......Dorothy's ruby red slippers are nestled in near NASA's rockets and Charles Lindbergh's plane in a new Smithsonian exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum. Even though Dorothy got around with lightening speed in the slippers from "The Wizard of Oz" the home is only temporary. They usually rest at the National Museum of American History which is undergoing renovation. The new exhibit at the Air and Space Museum is called "Treasures of American History". On hand to open it were Ruth Duccini and Jerry Maren, two of the munchkins from the movie. "The city council of Munchkinland nominated me to be part of the welcoming committee for Dorothy," said Maren, 87, who was 17 when he played one of the three "Lollipop Kids." He wore a blue baseball cap that said "The Lollipop Kid," and carried a huge green and purple lollipop over his shoulder. "We wish to welcome you to Smithsonian Institute," he sang to the tune of the "Lollipop Guild" song in the 1939 film. The exhibit also features a portion of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, the top hat Abraham Lincoln wore the night he was assassinated and the Greensboro, N.C., lunch counter where four black college students protested segregation by sitting down at the "whites-only" counter.

"HUMP"day Wednesday is featuring Captured Cuties from one of my favorite blogger friends Marko over at Marks Planet. I want Marko to come dj my first Gay Guru party blowout, if I ever decide to have one, LOL. He is sweet, and cute, and knows how to spin a tune boys and girls. We're half way thru the week....enjoy......GG



Wow, Id love to Dj for you GG, tht would be a great time!

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