Monday, October 02, 2006

What's Up For October, A Congressman Predator; Rep. Mark Foley, In The News, MEME Monday, Eye Candy

It's MEME Monday, blogger friends, I hope you had a good weekend! October is here and that means two things, beer (Oktoberfest,) and candy (Halloween.) One of my buds at work is in the Air Force Reserve, and has a two week deployment in Germany starting next week. He promised me he would stay safe, AND bring me back a kewl beer stein from at least one Oktoberfest he was planning on crashing while there. I have a lot of plans for this month here at the Gay Guru as well. I have been told that the website redesign will be completed by the end of the month. I will also be doing a special update, (finally,) of the website in the next week for the last time before the new website format is revealed. The new update will probably be around the 7th as that is the 6th month anniversary of me starting this project as the self professed Gay Guru, and I want to do a nice tribute to all of you blogger and cyber friends out there that have encouraged me to keep this going and to expand in a bunch of new directions. I will also be relaunching the Gay Guru After Dark project that I fizzled out on pretty quickly, but have been saving lots of site information for the new launch this week. I have a lot of hot Randy Blue content and some fun stories and websites to link to at the site that will be a little more exclusively gay lifestyle and mature rated. I will let you know about that when it has launched completely.

I am also going to be moving all of my political comments and stories off this blog for the last 5 weeks of the election, because I am going to have a lot to say, and dont want to bog this blog down with it all. I will still update you here on politics that are near and dear to our hearts as part of the GLBT community however. Of course the big news of this past weekend is the Representative Foley scandal out of Florida. I am actually outraged more as a gay man at the Congressman's actions than I am by the political implications of them. Of course pedophiles of all sexual orientations are bad news and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the laws of their states, but a gay pedophile seems to cause a double whammy to its negative effects. The public at large, still see's a gay mans unlawful sex acts with a minor, a much more serious crime than a straight mans. I can respect the Congressman's attempt to stay in the closet as a self preserving, political move, although he was often suspected of being gay, and there are many fine out and proud politico's in government. What I cant understand, is his inability to at least have some propriety while in office, and if you want to hide your sexuality, hide it well. If you have to sneak around to fulfill your sexual desires with your own orientation, then at least do it with consenting adults who are legally and usually emotionally able to handle the consequences of being caught. What do you think is going on in that poor young man's head who is now 16-17 years old and may be questioning his own sexuality, but now has the shadow of this over him. Even if they are able to protect his identity from the press, which is ever harder these days, these are a select few of students who are admitted to the page program. All of his friends who know he was or is in the program will be wondering if he is the one all the news is about. That's a lot to have on your shoulders. How is he going to handle this? Is he going to go deeper into the closet because of this, or lie to others and himself and be doomed to bad relationships with his conflicting feelings bottled up inside him. What if he was just experimenting and is actually straight. If this gets out, will he be able to find a young woman who will understand, or will he be in fear of her finding out everytime he is in a relationship. Politically of course, I am ashamed of the Republican leadership for keeping this from everyone for over a year, and hope the leaders of the party who were in on this, step down or be severely reprimanded. Are the Democrats saints in the political scandal department? Of course not, but I would ask the same thing of them if they ignored this problem, they would have to step down. My thoughts are with the young man, and the effects on him that will go on long after this news cycle has ended.

In The News, there has been a lot of stories since I last updated....first, go mama go, Georgia Court Rules For Lesbian Mom; of course we are fighting for money to help with this disease while we send billions to Iraq, Disputed AIDS Bill Passes House; I have to admit, he's done more than most, but I still wish he would step up on the big issues, Schwarzenegger Signs 'Gay Panic' & LGBT Housing Bills, Vetoes School Bias Bill; this is an interesting bit of word play, let's hope it plays out to our favor instead of igniting the Christian Right some more, Judge: Rhode Island Gay Couples Can Marry In Massachusetts; I dont get this at all, for one of our own organizations to use this shock value is alarming to me, AIDS Campaign Calls HIV A 'Gay Disease'; and in this ongoing public debate on it's "sanctity", Other States Consider Constitutional Bans On Gay Marriage; and of course, further proving our need for more support in Congress, Congress Passes On Gay Bills, Goes Home; and finally, in a glimpse to the future of the Presidency, the Governor of the only state where gay marriage is legal, still admits he is against it, although there has been no negative repercussions since the same sex marriage licenses have been issued, Romney Not To Challenge R.I. Gay Marriage Ruling

Our silly MEME for today is an easy one. Just fill in your name, or your ideal name of yourself, (mine was The Gay Guru), and see what comes up. I like mine and think it pertains to me well, and I am not telling you where I like to be touched, LOL. Sooooooooo What Flavor Ben and Jerry's are YOU??

You Are In a Crunch Ice Cream

The perfect combo: a completely nuts person who likes to be touched

Today's Eye Candy comes from one of my fave sites, \\-\\ot Guys, who hasnt updated in quite a while, but still has some definite hotties over there. I hope you all start your week off good and enjoy the next 5 days until our next weekend, lol. Take care blogger friends............GG



I couldn't agree with you more regarding Foley.



I just heard about this, what the hell?

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