Saturday, May 06, 2006

Many Thanks, Ice Cold Shoulder, Bartering, Mapping, and Love to Mikey

Happy Saturday Bloggers, the weekend is here!! First, I want to thank all of you who sent such kind and loving comments here and to my email over the last couple of days. You have made a tough situation a little brighter and I THANK YOU!! Now onto some fun and silly stuff. In the news this week, is the story of two gay men who are suing an ice skating rink in Berkeley, California, for banning the guys from holding hands. I have to admit that I got a bit of a chuckle from a story about discrimination of gay men in A)ice skating, and B)Berkeley of all places, (peace, love, dove). In another twist of irony, the couple were supposedly practicing for the "Summer" Gay Games in Chicago this year. ( I checked the site and they really are doing Figure Skating, lol). Rink officials deny there was any discrimination, but that the holding hands presented a "safety issue." If you have seen ME ice skate, is a safety issue if someone is NOT holding my hand to keep me from falling on my ass. The men are only suing for a public appology and the rink manager to go to a sensitivity training class, not a bad deal if I was the rink owner.
This is something interesting that it is possible to get in on the ground floor of, and seems like an awesome idea. If you are not familiar with Bartering, it's the practice of trading goods or services for equally valued of the same. It has been picking up steam a bit lately and I have found a nifty new company getting in on the action via the Internet. is taking on people for Beta Testing of its new website. You simply enter in a Book, DVD, Music, or Video Game that you own into the system, and Swaptree's special algorithms program almost instantly brings up a list of things people are willing to trade you in exchange. Best of all, the website is FREE and the only cost involved is the shipping of your item to whoever is trading with you. Most shipping for so-called "media" items such as what is being traded, can be mailed for as little as $2 dollars if you ask for the media rate at the post office. I have recently signed up, and am awaiting my log-in information. If you would like to sign up for the beta testing, go to the website link and submit your email addy. I think this is gonna be a blast, I can only watch my Karate Kid DVD so many times, think anyone would be willing to trade for it, LOL.
Finally today, I added a Frappr map feature to the blog, MySpace, and soon the website, to see where all my friends are around this great big world of ours. If you have a second, click on the map and add yourself to it. This is also a great time to subscribe to the blog by email or clicking on the subscribe link. Also, if you are on MySpace, and havent added me as a friend yet, you can GO HERE, and add me as a friend. You have 10 more days left to go to the website, and enter in the contest for a FREE DVD GIVEAWAY!! All you have to do is take a picture of yourself saying HI to the Gay Guru in a sign or photoshop a picture of yourself and the Gay Guru somehow. We have had some fun original entries, but need more. Finally, a blogger friend to the Gay Guru, Mikey over at Who Do I Have To F**k To Get Laid, is feeling a little run down by his illness. Please go over and wish him some blogger love comments and read his last few entries to see what he is going thru. I wish you all the best Mikey, and get better soon......GG



Hey there bud. Look in your my space e mail I put my direct e mail address in there for you. Thanks for the love Mikey


I like that bartering idea, I'll have to go check it out! Hmmm..what shall I trade first?? I bought Million Dollar baby, HATED IT. No, it was a good film wonderfully directed and acted, just hated the ending. That'll be the first DVD to go!
p.s. Thanks for saying hi on my site earlier!

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