Saturday, September 09, 2006

"The Path to 9/11" Is Ticking Me Off, The Scissor Sisters from a Music Moron, FAB Concept Cars(?), Daily Eye Candy

Saturday morning blogger friends, and I am up waaaay too early for no apparent reason. Anything fun and exciting on the radar for this weekend?? Not so much here, in beautiful downtown NE Ohio, sigh! So I am getting really ticked off about this whole "Path to 911" controversy, and I am trying to save it all for tomorrows Sunday Rant, "On My Last Gay Nerve," but it's hard. Since I have so many sources I want to (attack, kill, maim,) ummm discuss, I guess I will wait until tomorrow, but please do me a favor; if ABC still ends up airing this movie, PLEASE DONT WATCH.....YET!! That's all I will say on the matter until tomorrow. I will be posting a 9/11 tribute on Monday, with a WHERE WERE YOU, segment included. Anyone who would like to share where they were when 9/11 happened, please email me at the address up on the right here, and I will include it in my post.

I hate to admit this, but I am a 'music moron'. I am just not that into music. Sure I play my radio when in the car, and enjoy the music at the clubs, but that is really my only music exposure. At work, it is a large enviroment and no music is allowed. At home, I don't own a stereo or cd player besides what's here in my computer, so I dont play music around the house, even when I am on this 'puter for hours at a time. As a kid, my life was remembered more by what I saw on TV and in the movies, than what was on the radio. The good side of this, is I really DO like almost any kind of music. The only types that really dont appeal to me is old "twangy" country, and vulgar "gangsta" rap. The bad side of this is that I have songs I definitely enjoy, but for the most part, could not tell you the song title or the singer(s) of most music out there. My friends crack up at me because when I talk about music, I usually have to sing the song I am talking about because I cant tell them the artist or title of it, lol. Another funny element, is I LOVE karaoke, and thank goodness have a decent ear for music, but am often shocked that the words that appear on the screen are TOTALLY different than what I heard and have been singing all this time. HA! Anyway, my point to all of this, is I really dont know much about music, and the buzz of certain artists pass me by a lot. I have been hearing a louder and louder buzz about "The Scissor Sisters", over the past couple months and just had no idea what people were talking about. They are getting lots of praise in the GLBT arena, and now I have been hearing mainstream kudo's as well. Thanx to fellow blogger friend Jeremy, over at Starrfucker, (adult blog warning), I now have my first sight and sound of "The Scissor Sisters", and color me excited, lol. They are pretty fun. I hope you enjoy and try not to bag on me too much for being such a dork and soooooo last year, I admit it, I am a music geek! Oh, and btw, for a music 'tard like me, what style of music is this, is it techno? electronica? pop?....god I am so out of it.........

I promised you bonus FAB Friday finds from the latest autoshows that are truly fun "concept" vehicles for your amusement and pleasure if you have lots of money and no real willpower, lol. Renault has secured a smashing entry into the Paris Motor Show with its new four-seater concept car, Nepta that features flowing lines, elegant looks and opulence at its best! The luxury coupe is powered by a 420hp twin-turbo V6 engine and delivers a top speed of 62mph in just 4.9 seconds. The gorgeous roadster flaunts ultra-modern looks with its wave-shaped side panels, LED headlamps, boomerang-shaped indicator lights located at the top of the wings and unique opening panels and styling. The motor-driven gull wing doors are fitted with electronic obstacle detectors and an anti-pinch device for greater safety. The steering wheel and pedals can be adjusted by a motor-driven mechanism to adapt it to the driver’s physique. The dynamic looks are enhanced with its red leather interiors. The dashboard features special stowage compartments for glasses and other items and the DVD screens with folding protective covers are installed at the top of the front seat backs. The luxury roadster also features seven-speed automatic transmission complete with steering wheel-mounted flick-shift controls, that results in significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Secondly, I have earlier also told you about exclusive luxury bikes, including $130,000 Louis Vuitton Motorcycle and 24K gold-plated Kawasaki ZX-636 that will leave your adrenaline pumping, but, this 1,500-pound Tomahawk, is not just a bike…it’s a suerbike! The V10 beast by Chrysler can achieve reach 60 miles an hour in about 2.5 seconds. The Dodge V10 concept was launched at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and is now ready for production. The beaster packs 8.3-liter capacity and 10 cylinders in its engine which can propel it to top speed of nearly 400 mph. The superbike features independent four-wheel suspension and it boasts chrome-draped looks. And, just like its outlandish looks and features, it will carry a price tag of at least $250,000. Only, a few hundred models will run into production, so make-up your mind early, if the tag doesn’t seems torturous to you!!

Enjoy your weekend blogger's a little eye candy that I found recently, perusing blogger friend 1body2soul.....Enjoy...........GG


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