Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Winner of Blogger Quest, Answers to Blogger Quest, and Expanded Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends, Happy "HUMP"day Wednesday. Time for some expanded eye candy and to announce the winner of Blog Quest. Their was 17 correct answers and 1 available bonus point to be had in the contest, and our winner got 16 correct and the bonus question. And the winner of the $50 dollar gift card to is.........

Jonathon Prater from Austin, Texas

and honorable mentions:
Alex Sarmiento from Vallejo, California 15 + bonus
James Glass from Surrey, England 15 + bonus
Sandy Galen from Columbus, Ohio 15 + bonus
Tricia Peterson from Aspen, Colorado 15 + bonus
Greg Samuels from Honolulu, Hawaii 15 + bonus

There was also 32 others who participated and got 15 or less correct. Thanx for playing, I hope you all had fun, and I will have another contest near the end of August.

And the Answers were........

1. Butterfly
2. Margo and the Nuclear So and So's
3. 1 - 5 years
4. Spermies
5. Designer Blog
6. Emmett, and Tim Gunn T-Shirts
7. If you rub a gay, bald mans head, your wish will come true
8. $24.34
9. A Cowboy Hat
10. Drew, and 4 Bites, Bonus for adding to my friends map or knowing Capricorn
11. Gandhi Square in Johannesburg, South Africa
12. 2006 Podcast Awards
13. Gwyneth Paltrow
14. The Twinkies Cookbook
15. Rosie O'Donnell's art buff is priced at $19.95

Have a great day Blogger Friends, I am getting to the website update, I swear, lol, sorry Mikey and Bruce, you are the best, made your deadlines and I miss mine, I will make it up to you.........=).............GG



Awesome, congrats to the winner!

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