Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rockstar Supernova Tuesday, In The News, Expanded Eye Candy

Welcome back to "HUMP"day Wednesday Blogger Friends. Has it really been a week since we have had our expanded version of 7 hotties instead of 2...yummy!! Before we partake of the Eye Candy, (alright, I know you all skip ahead dammit!!), let's talk a little bit about my favorite show I told you about, Rockstar Supernova. Last night the remaining 7 rockers all did a pretty damn good job. Patrice with her original song, actually looked and sounded like a rockstar for the first time this season on night one, instead of singing for her life on elimination night. Ryan Starr, my new secret boyfriend, and now perched to possibly get into the final 3, got the second original song choice of the night and totally rocked the house. The only disappointment was him trashing his new guitar given to him as a gift by Supernova, after the band said they wanna see someone trash something. It came off pretty cheesy since it was just after the suggestion. Poor Storm, didnt stick up for herself again and got a hard song, but did pretty well. She was one of my top 3 pics at the start, but she is losing a little steam. Dilana was beautiful and sang as soulful as ever, but was a little bit of a letdown after last week's fronting the band. Magnis did a great vocal job on Nirvanna's song, but his usual strong stage presence was as on as usual. I think being in the bottom three for the first time last week threw him a bit. I still believe he will be one of the final 3. Toby did a MUCH better job than last week, but even though I am gay, I thought him taking off his hoodie to reveal his naked upper body was kind of a letdown. Finally was Lukas, who seems to be such a fan favorite and admired from Supernova. I just don't get it. He has the look, maybe SOME stage presence, but he just annoys the hell out of me. I am not sure what it is, but if he is in the final 3, I am going to be mad!! Tonight we will see who gets voted off, I am thinking it's going to be Patrice or a huge upset of Storm or Toby..... Tomorrow, I will talk about the elimination and give you some inside scoop from a long time ago. I hate to give away my age, but I actually grew up and hung out with Tommy Lee!!! Yup, we were in a local youth group together, (can you believe Tommy Lee in a youth group?? He still had the long hair!!), and I will dish a little old school dirt on him since I know he would NEVER be reading this blog, lol. (pic obtained from the Rockstar Website)

In the news....Arnold seems to learn quickly or knows how to cut and run fast with: Schwarzenegger Drops Gay-Foe Advisor, Four Gays Stabbed In Moscow Home Invasion, Deep Divide On Gays Highlights Fla. GOP Gubernatorial Race, and finally, Gay Discharges Mount As Bush Orders Troop Recall.

And now on to our Expanded edition of "HUMP"day Wednesday Eye Candy. As always, these pictures do not represent or imply the sexuality of any of the people in the pictures. These are pictures found randomly around the net who are in my opinion, HOT! I hold no copyright to the photos and try to credit to where I found the pictures when possible. If you hold the copyright to any photo on this blog, please email me with proof of copyright, and it will be removed immediately. Today pictures are more random than usual, a couple are Falcom Studios Models, thank you Falcon, and the rest came up in a random google search of hot guys.....enjoy.......GG


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WOOOOOF you for sure did it up right today


With regard to Supernova: I totally am with you on Lukas. He looks almost exactly like that guy who got the lead on INXS.

I think Dilana is my favorite. She has a really good website that shows how good she really is. Plus who doesn't love that Marianne Faithful raspy voice.

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