Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Gay Guru After Dark Still in Development, Fifty Greatest Gay Movies of All Times, Daily Eye Candy

Happy Thursday Blogger Friends!! Got lot's of emails on the hotties from yesterdays expanded Eye Candy, arent they HOT!! They are all from the same modeling agency I found and they all look like they could be brothers, OMG, the fantasy's that brings to mind, LOL. I better save that for The Gay Guru After Dark. I am still tweaking that site a bit and havent launched it yet, but it's coming together and will start getting daily posts soon. If you have a chance, go over and sign up for the blog feed, so you will be one of the first to get what happens "After Dark".

So as you know I have been trying to get into the LOGO channel here on my new satellite system I have at the Gay Guru apartment, and it gets harder and harder to really like this channel as much as I want to. As I have said before, there is really not enough programming yet for being from a hugely creative group of people, us gays. Also, I am really starting to get annoyed by all the commercials. I totally understand the need for them, but they are annoying all the same. The other night I was watching one of my favorite gay themed movies of all time, "Beautiful Thing", and it was edited and had waaaaay too many commercials in it. And using that rant as a segue, I am happy that LOGO has announced their "click list", of the "50 Greatest Gay Movies of All Time." I am happy to say, that 5 of my favorites are in the top 10. They are; Brokeback Mountain, Latter Days, Beautiful Thing, Trick, and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Here is how I would have finished out my Top 10; #11 Torch Song Trilogy, #19 The Sum of Us, #22 Get Real, #30 Edge of Seventeen, and #33 Soldiers Girl. A lot of other of my "Must See's" made the list as well. Go check it out and leave some comments or some emails on YOUR favorite Gay movies of all time.

Short post today blogger friends, it's almost the weekend...Enjoy.....GG



I definitely have to agree with you on Edge of Seventeen and The Sum of Us. Those are two of my absolute favorite Gay movies!


Hi you should also try, A love to hide (Un amour à taire).
A very emotional movie about being gay during WWII.
Do not expect a happy movie, but it is one you wil never forget I promise.

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