Friday, August 11, 2006

FABulous Friday, Million Dollar Lure, Gold Mickey, Personal Robot Suit, Daily Eye Candy

We made it to the weekend blogger friends, and that means it's Fabulous Friday!! Since I didnt blog last Friday, I found a couple kewl finds in my Fabulous cache to tell you about this week, if you just have some extra cash laying around the house.....

First, for my fishing fans out there.....(do gay guys fish? If not, this is for the Lesbians, lol.) If you are filthy rich and don’t mind spending even million bucks just on anything then this Million Dollar Lure will surely get you hooked! The million dollar lure is crafted in just over 3 pounds of glimmering gold and platinum, and is encrusted with 100 carats of diamonds and rubies. The dazzling fishing-bait is crafted by Mac Daddy, who is well-known for his jeweled flies and lures. The lure is over 12 inches in length and it carries a price tag to match its name, for 1 million…whew!! So, if you love things that screams all-over, how rich you are, then this jeweled-lure is just what you want!!

And for the "All Things Disney" collector out there, with too much money in their bank account.........If you have a passion for collector’s item then this “Celebration Mickey” should be the next big-thing on your priority-list. This once-in-a-lifetime collector’s item from Disney artist Marc Delle is made from 24-Karat gold. The authentic sculpture is 24-inches high, and weighs over 100 lbs. and is believed to be the largest gold sculpture ever cast in U.S. history, valued at an outrageous figure of $4 million. And, if you are a Disney-fan, then this is all-the- more desirable item for you!!

Are you excited about the upcoming Transformers Movie?? Well, if you ever fancied yourself wearing a robot suit or have got yourself a robot suit stitched to turn-up in a fancy-dress event then instead of a fake-one, how about a wearable robot suit that will give you power to perform functions like a robot!! The Land Walker is a wearable robot suit, which is created by Masaaki Nagumo. The robot suit stands 3.4 meters high and weighs 907 kilograms or about 1 ton. The robot suit is controlled by four pedals to make movement and it can also shoot sponge bullet from two air guns installed beside the cockpit. The robot suit is available for a mind-blowing price of $313,985 in Japan only! Check-out the youtube video below!

Have a great weekend out there blogger friends, this will be another catch-up weekend for me, so blogging will be light, but please keep on checking back. There will definitely at least be Eye Candy every day......Enjoy............GG


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