Saturday, August 12, 2006

Off To The Italian Festival, Garfield Comics, In The News, and Daily Eye Candy.

It's Saturday Blogger Friends, and it's going to be a very short post today. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. It's the Italian Festival nearby, and the Gay Guru is off to play some Bocci and enjoy the fine food and festivities.....Do you all like reading the cartoons in the newspaper like I do?? I have been a longtime "GARFIELD" lover, and saw this over at another blogger friends blog a few days ago. You can make your own Garfield comic strip, or cards, and play games, and all kinds of things. If you like Garfield go check it out, and thanx Dave for the shout about it.

Here's a couple good stories that were in the news recently: APA Discredits 'Ex-Gay' Movement, HIV Prevention Pill Shows Early Promise, and Illinois Gay Foes Take Marriage Amendment To Federal Court

And A little Eye Candy for you.......By the way, I have been getting a couple emails lately that I am not showing enough ethnic diversity in the daily eye candy. I appologize if I have offended anyone, it's really not on purpose. As I have always said, these are pictures I find on the internet that have given me a quick initial reaction to being hot, but looking back, I can see that I may have some built in diversity issues of my own to deal with. I will be more diligent in looking for a cross reference of hot Eye Candy in the future, and it would really help if you would email any hot guys you run across that are ethnically diverse and you want to see on the Gay Guru. I am ahead on pics for a couple of days, but next week I promise a bit more diversity.........thanx as always for the comments and suggestions....GG



Your site keeps getting better and better. I love all of the information you have on here.

Awww,I love Garfeild but Im not a fan of the latest movies.

The eye candy is great as always.


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