Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Internet Blew Up, Winning Blogger Quest Tomorrow, Blogger Quest Correct Places to Search, Eye Candy

Happy Tuesday Blogger Friends, I FINALLY made it onto the Internet. My roadrunner has been down all afternoon and just came back up at 7pm Eastern time, AAAAAAARGGHHH!!!! Because of the late post, I am going to just say that we do have an official winner of the "Blogger Quest" contest. I am going to notify that person by email tonight and then announce the winner tomorrow. I hope they find something fun to splurge their $50 dollar Gift Card at Amazon.com on, if not, the Gay Guru needs a wireless mouse, mine is getting sticky in this heat, LOL. Thanx for all of you that participated in this contest, I hope you all had fun, and I will have another fun contest near the end of the month. If I told you all the correct answers here, it would take up forever, so check out the Gay Guru website update tomorrow...(yea, delayed another day, jeeesh), for the complete set of answers, I will write down now where all I sent you to on your internet scavenger hunt.

Where you would find the answers to "Blogger Quest"

1. "On Top, Down Under" from New Zealand
2. "Wat Central" in Los Angelas area
3. "For Me Bathworx" in the Links section
4. "Marks Planet" in Iowa
5. "BratBoySchool" in Las Vegas
6. "BravoTV Andy's Blog" in Links section Andy is one of the VP's there and HOT!!
7. "The Other Side of Straight" in Indiana
8. "Rob's Stuff" in Wisconsin
9. "Fuzzy and Blue Proud Democrat" in the Midwest
10. "The Gay Guru MySpace Page" here in Ohio
11. "One Third Basketi" in South Africa
12. "Captain Cox" from Texas
13. "Ross the Intern" from California
14. "Teen Boy Secrets" in Ohio
15. "Rosie's Shop" in New York

I thought I gave you a pretty good diverse group there to look at from New Zealand and South Africa, to New York, to California, and places in between. Thank you to all my blogger friends for being good sports about being in my lil contest. Again, look for the answers to the questions and the winner in tomorrows Gay Guru Website and Blog Post.

And since we are so late......str8 for the Eye Candy...lol.......GG



#2 is my favorite blog!


Thanks for using my blog. I knew a few of the answers but didn't have the time to try to figure them all out. Great idea though. I meant to mention it on my blog and got busy. My sincerest apologies. I promise to make it up to ya!

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