Friday, August 18, 2006

FABulous Friday, A Kewl Cooler, $100,000 Cig's, Hot TV, In The News, and Daily Eye Candy

It's FABulous Friday blogger friends, time to see what waaaaaay too expensive goodies I can find for me and you when we become rich!! If any of you reading this are rich now, you may feel free to send me anything on this or any previous FABulous Friday post, LOL. How about this.....A Weber Chill Roll Bar Refrigerator For Your Outdoor Parties!! Keep your beer cool in this Weber Chill Refrigerator that can be rolled indoors or outdoors according to your needs. The ultimate big-party cooler features a huge 1.6 cubic feet capacity, and can store 72 ice-cold cans of your drink or 48 beer bottles or 36 wine bottles as cold as you want. The roll-bar party-refrigerator is constructed of rugged, powder-coated steel and it features an aluminum grip rail that can hold two beer-bottles and two mahogany side tables for holding your drink glasses. The refrigerator utilizes the latest in low-emission insulation and it sells for $400.

How About The $100,000 Cigarette Pack?? Just when I thought, nothing could outdo the million dollar lure, I got another stunner with the $100,000 cigarette pack from BAT International. The leading cigarette brand has unveiled an 18ct white gold pack of Lucky Strike for display at major airports throughout 2006 to boost the iconic design profile of one of its leading cigarette brands. The one-off pack comes studded with a single large diamond and a ruby and the limited-edition packs will be launched for exclusive sale at selected European airports only. So, if you wear most expensive perfume, drink most expensive wine, and love anything and everything that is nothing but expensive then you might would love to treat yourself to this luxury fag!!! The Gay Guru, really cant stand cigarette smoke, and does not smoke himself, but I had to print this since I love the English word for cigarettes, Fags, LMAO, I need help!!

And Finally, because I am a Gay Guru KLUTZ, I would LOVE this, because Samsung has announced the release of their new 50-inch wireless HD PDP TV for the Korean market. The elegant display enables you to use all your peripherals without creating any wiry-mess with all the cables that sneak-out from the back of the TV set. Aving reports that, “The company claims this to be its first large-size HD-compatible wireless PDP TV.” The wireless home AV center connects with various devices like TV antenna, DVD, or other AV devices through connectors which converts image signals to wireless transmit signals, and transmit them to the PDP TV. The gorgeous black panel emerges out even more with its speakers mounted beneath the screen. The SPD-50P7HDT model is expected to sell for a price of 4,800,000(KRW), ($4991 dollars US).

Interesting things in the news to think about this weekend......World AIDS Conference Ends With Plea To Governments , Battle Over Wisconsin Anti-Gay Amendment Focuses On Undecideds, Initiative Launched To Help Protect Gay Foster Youth, and GOP No Longer Gaining Traction With Gay Marriage Issue

And for some weekend Eye Candy, today brought to you by my travels over at my friends blog One Third Basketi.......Have a Great weekend Blogger Friends.....GG


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