Tuesday, August 29, 2006

One Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

I just want to take a couple seconds to recognize the anniversary of one of the greatest national disasters in my lifetime and give a shout out to the residents of the Gulf States, letting them know they are not forgotten. New Orleans and the South, are some of the few places I have not visited in my trek across 40 of these United States, that I have taken. I cannot believe I may never be able to see the majesty of what was and hopefully what will be again. As I am sure my blogger friend SoCalGal is thinking, there are problems from major restorative efforts still needed, human kindness and help of our fellow man, and even our treasured pets as in this article. Let's not make an underprepared disaster relief effort get silenced until all is well again in our great southern region. God Bless you all on the Gulf Coast and let's pray that Ernesto and F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P NEVER come to pass on our shores this late summer. Thanx to ABC News for the photo's, lets hope we never have to take any of these again!!



You said it GG, we must not forget what happened here, a monumental event that shattered so many lives.

I was fortunate enough to visit New Orleans twice before all of this happened, and lemme just say it truly was one great party town that I hope comes back the way it once was.


What a wonderful person you are GG, for making sure the 2-legged AND 4-footed friends of the Gulf Coast are not forgotten on this sad anniversary. An ex-boyfriend's parents home in Waveland was completely demolished leaving only the concrete foundation, but thankfully they and their pets made it out. Breaks my heart each time I think of, or look at, videos and pics. I just finished watching an update on some of the stories we all remember and got all weepy again watching the video of a newscaster finding Hardy Jackson wandering the streets, full of despair, having just lost his wife hours ago in the storm. Such despair, such sadness. And a freaking president who's...oh heck, I'll leave that alone because it's a rant I won't be able to stop.

I would like to say that there is a FANTASTIC organization out there called Noah's Wish whose SOLE MISSON is to "keep animals alive during disasters", so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check out their web site and contribute if you can. They have some incredible pictures of their time down in the Gulf Coast during/after Katrina. http://www.noahswish.org/

Thanks for mentioning all this, GG...karma, baby...love ya! :)

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