Thursday, August 24, 2006

Training is Over, Patrice is Evicted from Supernova, In The News, Eye Candy

OMG!! The Day is Finally Here Blogger Friends.......Tomorrow, (Friday), is officially my last day of training for my new position at work. At approximately 5:45am tomorrow morning, (later if I hit the snooze a couple of times,) you will here the CRACK heard around the world as I throw the alarm clock at the nearest wall. I am usually an early riser, but I HATE to be woken up by alarm clocks. The past 8 weeks of 5:30am - 6am, has taken a toll on me. I stopped my going to my gym as regularly. I was a lil more grumpy. I gained a little of my weight back. And I negelcted my Gay Guru blogger friends. Hopefully after maybe one week to adjust back to an afternoon schedule, thing will get normal around here again. Again thanks for sticking through it all with me the last 8 weeks, and here's to getting back on track. One thing that will still be behind a bit is the website. I know you have all been checking it out over, but it just hasnt been updated due to lack of time. Some good news, I actually had a designer contact me and offer to redesign the site so it's a bit more sleeker, faster operating, works more smoothly with ALL browsers, and a couple of other nice tweaks and perks. If you will all forgive me a little longer, I will be unveiling the new site hopefully within 2-4 weeks, it depends on my new designers availability.

After slowly coming out of her shell and performing some decent rock songs the past 3 weeks for the most part, Patrice has lost her chance to front Supernova. Magni made his surprising second appearance in the bottom 3 and Toby rounded out the cellar. I was happy that Toby was able to front for Supernova's new release track last night, but although the vocals were good enough, he honestly didnt "look" like someone I could see fronting the band. The surprise of the night of course, was the burning at the stake of Dilana. Of course these things are edited to elicit viewer response, but her comments were obviously said during the week and very hurtful, and just plain rude or wrong about her fellow contestants. For a few tense moments, I thought they might turn the entire show on it's head and forget the bottom three and just toss Dilana out on principle. I can't wait until next week.

There are a lot of interesting stories in the news today... Three Cities, More Rejections For Gay Prospective Soldiers, I am not sure where I stand on this, I can see her point, but it still pisses me off that she is delaying legislation, kill it and write better, or pass it....Hilary Clinton Accused Of Tying Up AIDS Bill To Further Presidential Aspirations, Anti-Gay Lawmaker: Brown V School Board Ruling "Was Wrong", At it again....Calif. Assembly Sinks To Homophobic Shouting Match, And finally, in the "WTF, How did a land who is known for Apartheid, get ahead of the US in the Gay Marriage front??"....South Africa Cabinet OKs Gay Marriage Bill

And Todays Eye Candy comes from One Third Basketi, enjoy.........GG



From the article linked regarding the CA assembly: "The theme was picked up by fellow conservative Republican Dennis Mountjoy (R-Monrovia). "What you seek in society is acceptance," he yelled across the floor. But your lifestyle is abnormal. It is sexually deviant." After a brief recess to allow tempers to cool Mountjoy said he had not intended to offend anyone personally but that he was defending his traditional values."

UGH, this is what gets me the most!!! When someone says they don't mean something 'personally' can it NOT be personal when it's about someone's life?!?! I'm not a fan of Ahhhhnold, but he darn well better sign the legislation.

On to happier GG, isn't Rockstar getting good? Have to totally agree with you that while Toby was good, I just don't see him fronting the band. And dang, who gave Dilana a gun to shoot herself in the foot...that is after she took her foot out of her mouth...yowza! She really went down a few pegs in my book. Next week should be interesting. Here's hoping the poochie makes a return visit, too...what a cutie!♥


I am so angry at Rockstar!!!!

I was so livid about Wednesday's show because they seemed to have just totally screwed Dilana over. It's just so unfair. She's by far the most talented and has the best chutzpah to lead that band, but the producers seem like they're trying to get rid of her burgeoning fan base.

Then I have to take a breath and realize that the Television industry is nothing more than a vehicle for advertising products. The universe will not cave in if Dilana doesn't win, but it will just suck a little more.

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