Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Busy Week, Late Posts, Going's on in the Gay Ghetto, Other Kewl Sites, Expanded Eye Candy

It's "HUMP"day Wednesday again blogger friends. Hope you all made it through the first half of the week. I got a busy week brewing here as usual. All my practicals for my new position that I have been training for for the last 6 weeks are the rest of this week and next, where I have to prove all the new systems I have learned to my boss'es. Sounds like fun I know, lol. I have also planned out my next big contest that will begin in early September, that you will "ALL" be a part of in some way or another. I am busy lining up Sponsors for prizes now and will announce it in the first week of September.

News around the "Gay Ghetto" here at home, I have a new guy renting the 3rd floor apartment above me, starting next week, and the verdict is still out on him. He claims to be str8 in that oh so geeky, trash talking, love to bang girls kinda way. So, he is either real inexperienced with girls, which is my best bet, or a serious closet case. Either way, he knows the "neighborhood" he is moving into here, and has no problems with our little Rainbow Block, lol. If you remember my first story about the guy across the street that was giving me whiplash with his many young men coming and going, and coming again, has short-lived boyfriend number 2 back again....will see how long it lasts this time.

For all the gay fans of the Guru, if you havent checked out the newest gay advertising site, PENIS ADS, it is a one stop website that links to all sorts of gay websites; adult, clothing, porn stars and porn blogs. I have linked this site and the up and coming Gay Guru After Dark, and am hoping to see what kind of traffic it generates. Take a second to check out the different sites there, I will be adding it to my "Adult Links" section very soon.

Nothing else is too new and exciting, except lots of work this week, and the Gay Guru Website will FINALLY be updated this weekend. Special thanks to Mikey and Bruce for their patience in letting me feature their awesome pages to the site, their HIV Awareness and Media Review pages. They will be up this weekend, and they will have new pages on the regularly scheduled update, September 1st. Now on to our weekly expanded edition of Eye Candy, this week featuring hot boys I have found at 'Best Gay Blogs'...... Enjoy what's left of the week blogger friends......GG


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