Sunday, August 13, 2006

Italian Festival, New York Skyline, In The News, Daily Eye Candy

Wow!! The weekend is over already blogger friends. I hope you all got to rest or get the things done you needed to this weekend. I did a little of both. The Italian Festival, nearby in Warren, Ohio, is a big deal each year, and they usually do a pretty good job. My friend Dolores is on the entertainment committee, a sweet older italian lady, who books acts I have never heard of before, but I guess are big in Italian circles, LOL. Of course being the cute and chubby Guru that I am, I go for all of the homemade italian food, and do some of my yearly Bacci Ball playing, (if you havent played with italian balls, you are missing out, rofl). I helped out on my friend Frank's team this year, and we kinda sucked. Franks Uncle Vito is 100% Italian, and 100% in need of cataract surgery, lol. I don't think he even saw the little white ball we were gunning for half the time. Of course being the dork that I am, I didnt bring my camera to take pictures, but will live and learn. I will definitely remember my camera at the upcoming Canfield Fair, a big, little fair in the NE Ohio area, that is about 3 weeks away.

You like the skyline of New York City below?? If you can't see it, go to the link provided there and you can add a very kewl NYC skyline to your blog or website. Being in Ohio, it would be kinda silly of me to have it up there, but I like the concept. You see, the banner should be what the ACTUAL New York Skyline should be looking like at that time, including, night or day, weather, etc. According to when I checked this website out today, I saw it was blue skies and beautiful in NY, and it should give you a mouse-over of the current temperature. If I was computer savvy or geeky enough, I would make one up with the NE Ohio skyline, but eh, what the heck, here's a present to my NY readers if they havent seen it yet!! NEW YORK SKYLINE LINK.

Not much in the news this weekend, but you might want to check out...... Lesbian Principals Win Discrimination Case,
Nurses 'Backbone' Of Global AIDS Response, and Angelides Counts On Gays In Battle With Schwarzenegger

I am over doing laundry and posting from Mama Guru's house, and it is not letting me upload the pictures for some reason.....I will add pictures as soon as I get home, including todays Daily Eye Candy....Hope you all have a great week blogger friends, take care.............GG BACK HOME>>>PICTURES ARE UP>>>>>DUH, LOL..GG

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