Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Nothing to Say, Almost, and some Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends, it's Tuesday, and I don't have a thing to write about. Maybe I am still misty over the Doughboy's demise yesterday, I just don't know. There's not even really interesting news to write about today except for the fact that my secret boyfriend, Lance Bass's real boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl, and 5 other distinguished gay and lesbians, were rebuked in the California legislature, by the Republicans walking out on their award ceremony. Oh, also the fact that a University in Los Angeles, is the first to offer a post-graduate Masters program in Gay Studies. It will be a part of the Clinical Psychology department, and I will blog more about this interesting program when I get some more information.

I will drop off a little Eye Candy here for you, which I found on the awesome blog, BoyBox, and keep it light until tomorrow blogger friends.......enjoy.......GG


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