Thursday, August 03, 2006

Weekend's Almost Here, Heat Letting Up a Bit in Ohio, In The News, Gay Twins in a Band, Daily Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends, one more day 'til the weekend, and one day closer to me catching things up. I have the weekend off with no major plans, YEA!! Hope you are all having a great week. I think the heat might be subsiding a little bit here in NE Ohio, last night was merely uncomfortable in the Gay Guru's humble, non-air-conditioned apartment. The two nights before that were unbearable. I think I have slept like 7 hours in 3 days, lol. I talked to Jonathon our contest winner on the phone yesterday, he is excited about his measley $50 bucks gift card, bless his heart. One of these days there will be a big ass prize, I promise, hehe. Jonathon said he wil be posting a note on the comment section today or this weekend, that guy is a busy boy as well.

I haven't posted much gay news recently, but here are a couple things that might catch your eye...... Gay Trio Confront Military Recruiters; SF Catholic Church Joins Boston In Ending Adoptions; Bar Owner Offers Reward For Gay Man's Killer; and GOP Attorney General Candidate Compares Gay Straight Alliances To Pedophile Groups

So as I have posted earlier, I have what I thought was the good fortune to get my satellite TV with the LOGO Channel on it. Turns out the channel has a ways to go before it starts impressing me with it's programming. I understand that as a start up, it's not horrible, but with all of the talent in the GBLT community, I honestly thought we would have better content by now. Well, I am going to admit, the announcement I read on the website today, while perusing my channel offerings tonight, has offered a glimmer of hope to my jaded viewing. Jacob & Joshua: Nemesis Rising will chronicle the lives of twin siblings who make up the pop/rock duo Nemesis, and who are hoping to make it big. This reality show will follow—as the press release promises—the twins “as they attempt to make it in the cutthroat music industry and, at the same time, come out publicly about their sexual orientation.” Check these guys out! They’re brothers! Twin brothers! They’re pop stars (or they hope to be)! And they’re gay! The series will premier on October 16th, and I am sooooo hoping to be able to afford TIVO by then, lol. I will definitely be blogging about these two as the series starts out, I just hope they dont make me yawn. I love me some twins and some music and some gays, but a triple whammy, WHOOOOOO EEEEEEE!!!!!!

Well, will talk to you soon blogger friends, enjoy the weekend, and keep checking back on your Gay Guru friend to make sure the heat hasn't caused me to whither away, LOL, (I wish, the diet's still going on.....forever). And now on to the Eye Candy.............GG


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