Monday, August 21, 2006

Catching Up, (Except for Guru Website, (&%(*%*(&), Movie MEME, In The News, What Was Your Summer Song, Eye Candy

It's MEME Monday blogger friends, hope you are all recovered from your weekend. I am slowly getting my stuff together, but then I forget where I put it, lol. I am caught up on almost everything except for the website, I feel like I have let a lot of you down without updating it much recently, but I promise I am finding a way to get it updated twice a month religiously, and if it works out, it will be great. Again, a special thanx to Bruce and Mikey for sticking with me through this busy time.

For Todays MEME, I told you I spent some time with my friend and his nephew you this weekend, and the nephew was definitely a movie fiend, I think he saw like 5 DVD's and then we took him to XMEN. So I thought we could find out what everyone's favorite movies are in the alphabet. If you have some time, send a comment with your list or email it to me, I am always looking for great movies to watch....

A - A Time to Kill
B - Beautiful Thing
C - Chocolat
D - Dogma
E - Eating Out
F - Fast Times at Ridgemont High
G - Gladiator
H - Heathers
I - the Incredibles
J - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
K - Kiss of the Spiderwoman
L - Legally Blonde
M - Mannequin
N - No Way Out
O - the Outsiders
P - Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Q - Quest for Fire
R - Running on Empty
S - St. Elmo's Fire
T - Titanic
U - the Untouchables
V - Victor/Victoria
W - the Wedding Crashers
X - XMEN 2
Y - Young Frankenstein
Z - Zoolander

Of Note in the news the past couple of days...... Schwarzenegger Hires Anti-Gay Lobbyist To Shore Up Conservative Support, Gays All But Disappear From Network TV, and Gay Son's Picture Missing From Traditional Values Candidate's Mailers

For our fun MEME of the day, since the sun is slowly coming down on the summer and colleges and schools are getting back at it, let's see what your summer theme music "should have been". This was originally to find your summer anthem before summer started, now fill it out with what really happened over the summer and lets see what music "should have" been running thru your's mine.....

Your 2006 Summer Anthem Is

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

"No one else, no one else

Can speak the words on your lips

Drench yourself in words unspoken

Live your life with arms wide open

Today is where your book begins"

Todays eye candy comes from the blog, Rock and My Place, and I love the guy in flower power!! I am a sucker for the '60's hippie stuff.....Have a great week Blogger Friends............GG


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