Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"HUMP"day Wednesday, Chinchilla Sitting, A Well Written Op-Ed Piece, California has 4 GLBT Bills Pending, Expanded Eye Candy

It's "HUMP"day Wednesday again Blogger Friends. Time to enjoy our weekly expanded version of yummy Eye Candy! Hope things are doing well for you all as we hit the "hump" of the midweek day. I am still busy as heck, and added to my list of other responsibilities this week is "Chinchilla Sitter." My best friend, and str8 mate Jay and his fiance, have gone cruising down in the bahamas (Only J could go cruising during hurricane season....can you say Ernesto boys and girls..oy vey!!), and I am set to help check in on their pet chinchilla "Cheech." Luckily, another friend is in charge of the every day feeding of Cheech, I am the "back-up" to make sure everything is okay every other day or so, lol. Hmmmmm, how to describe a chinchilla...let's just say it's the "Dumbo" of the rat/hamster family. It's oversize ears make it kind of a cartoonish looking rat or hamster. Cheech has been around for a long time and Jay has taken care of him in sickness and in health and he keeps hanging in there, you gotta love Cheech. Oh well, that's what friends are for, One of these days I will take a vacation and Jay can check in on my pet ummmmmm..... ferret, yea, that's right, ferret, Jay can check in on ummmmmm...... Godzilla, yup, Godzilla it is...LMAO, I am sooooo not a pet person, it's hard enough taking care of one oversize Gay Guru, let alone another lil creature that I would hate to ever neglect.

I wanna thank my blogger friends at "Queerty Blog", for pointing me towards this well written op-ed piece in the NY Blade by Chip Arndt,(former husband of Lance Bass's boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl, and co-winner of the Amazing Race 4.) It's about the continued acceptance of slurring the GLBT community in the press, and makes some good points. You can read the article HERE.

In The News...........California Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger has an interesting time ahead of him, to prove just how much of a friend he is to the community as.....Four LGBT Bills Move Forward In Calif. The Governor has been walking a tightrope with queer legislation, having signed more GLBT friendly acts in to law in California's history of one Governor, but also having veto'ed the most historic and fought after bills that passed the legislature. He signed one of the four bills, one that is in my opinion fairly stupid, one that bans discrimination in state operated or funded programs on the basis of actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. It is said to stop discrimination in getting help from police/fire/ambulance, welfare, and other state sponsored programs that should have nothing to do with sexual orientation, and really never does. The other three bills are; A very watered down version of the bill to teach some gay history in public schools, that has been stripped to simply prohibit any negative portrayal of gays in textbooks and other instructional material, another would allow registered domestic partners to file state income taxes jointly and have their earned income treated as community property for state tax purposes, and the final bill would address the use of so-called "panic defense" strategies, whereby criminal defendants attempt to reduce their culpability for violent crimes by claiming that they "panicked" upon discovering a victim's sexual orientation or gender identity. With pressure from Schwarzenneggers Republican backers to distance himself from GLBT issues that the conservative base have a problem with, it will be interesting to see how these bills play out.

Today's delicious Eye Candy for our expanded "HUMP"day Wednesday, comes from fellow blogger friend Marko at Marks Planet, and are some of my favorite so far.........enjoy blogger friends.....G


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