Saturday, August 26, 2006

Man, Do I Have a Hangover, Missing Blogger Love, Eye Candy

Okay, so here's the deal blogger friends..... Yesterday was my last day of training for my new assignment at work. Yes, the alarm clock is in a million little pieces, and I will hopefully not be using it again for a long, long while. So upon completion of our last day, the others taking the same class these past 8 weeks with me, decided we need to celebrate the end of our training and going back to our respective departments. My first mistake, was not finding the time to eat anything between the end of class and our meeting up at the bar inside the hotel that rhymes with "holiday inn"! Not funny, but you should see how I look typing this..... At our neighborhood "Inn," there is a nice bar, and also the "Funny Farm Comedy Store". We all stayed until closing and proceeded to get soooo drunk until it was "not" funny. Hence the missing post of yesterday, and the incredible hangover of today that is going to cut this post short. I am sorry for missing out on my post yesterday, and you will have to bear with me until waaay later today or tomorrow for another one. Hope you all enjoy your weekend, and I will talk to you soon.

By the way, I have lost my list of blogs I owe a reciprocal link to, and I need to get you all added to the blogroll. Some I am very late on posting the links and I am sorry, but by the end of the weekend, I will have you all on my blogroll. If we were supposed to have traded links and you have mine up and I have not added yours yet, send me your blog name and link again in an email along with a coupon for thirty lashes for me to beat myself with. Any fellow bloggers out there reading this who has not requested a link exchange, or would like to, please email me in the top right column, or leave a comment here, and I will get that done.

I will add some Eye Candy for yesterday and today, hotties I have found on Best Gay Blogs, and will have some more thoughts and eye candy tomorrow..laterz.....GG



love the eye candy! and so glad to be back online! Missed you GG!


GG, it's Sunday and I'm still trying to get over the VERY strong gin & tonics at the B-Side Players concert at HOB in San Diego last Friday night! LOL Was soooo worth it though because it was a MAJOR blast. Am thinking that perhaps when you've hit your forties the old body decides to remind you of your age afer drinking and dancing for several heck, what's a little recovery time in the grand scheme of things, eh? Hope you enjoyed your drunken stupor, my dear, and also glad your training is done. :)


#2 is so hot. My God. How can he walk the face of the Earth?

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