Saturday, August 19, 2006

Funny Mad TV Video Courtesy of The Bob Blog, and Daily Eye Candy

Hey Blogger Friends, hope your weekend is starting out okay. Do any of you like Fox TV's, "Mad TV"?? I think it really has surpassed Saturday Night Live as being more consistently funny season after season. Well one of my favorite characters is "Miss Swan", fricking hilarious, and my friend over at "The Bob Blog", has a funny clip up that I had to share with you. Hope you enjoy........

As usual, I am wicked busy this weekend, but have a new feature I am adding to tomorrow, that will be a Sunday regular that I think you might like, or at least will give you something to talk about, lol. Look for it tomorrow, as I introduce, The Gay Guru and "On My Last Gay Nerve!!". For now, here is some eye candy found over at the 101 Boys Blog...........Enjoy your weekend.....GG



I love mad tv, lol!

Hot pix!!


Funny stuff.

Marco Valente

Mmmmmm your eye candy is always good!!!

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