Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Inturns", On My Last Gay Nerve, Eye Candy

Weekend is over Blogger Friends, hope you all got what you needed to do done, and had a little play time as well. I am knocking things off my list slowly but surely. So basically I have been pretty good about swearing off soap opera's. I was hooked in college of getting out of class, grabbing a bite to eat and "study", to the stories of Erica and Tad on "All My Children", Vicki and Bo on "One Life to Live", and of Course, Luke, Lucky, and the Quartermains on "General Hospital." As "real world" responsibilities and jobs set in, I started weaning myself off them, with an occasional catch-up session on sick days and random days off. (Isn't it amazing in soaps where you can take a year or so off watching and the same characters are still doing the same ol' stuff to the same ol' people.) I have been more or less "soap free" for the last 5 years or so, until THIS came along!! It seems the good folks at "As The World Turns," are in need of some fresh blood, and have turned their casting into a reality show. Brilliant thinking really, one more reality shows, like the "Rockstar Supernova" that I talked about, are doing. You get advertisers paying for your auditions through the commercials on the reality show, a test of actual watchers of the soap to have some say into their characters, or at the very least, build up a fan base for when they actually hit the airwaves. Anyway, I got wind of this from this weekend because of the "Gay Kiss" episode number 15, and spent a good deal of the weekend watching it from the beginning. There is HUGE drama as the actors square off for the new role on the soap, and you really see that a lot of hollywood types are actually as rude, selfish and obnoxious, BEFORE they were stars, as they appear to be afterwards. I am officially drawn in again, and will be checking out these smarmy lil punks every mon/wed/fri on the web.

If you check out the above "webisode" number 15, it also brings me to my new feature I am adding to the weekly blog, that I am calling, "On My Last Gay Nerve"!!! Every Sunday, I am going to rant about something that is just getting on 'my last gay nerve', be it life in general, politics, something that happened at the mall, whatever. I am going to post it late every Sunday, and use it as a good system of venting out all of my frustrations on Sunday evening, so I can approach the new week with a lot of pent up aggression out of the way, LOL. YOU can also use it as a way to get your frustrations out before a new week starts, by using emails and comments to agree, disagree, or rant about your own issues if you want!! I will start out a little mild this week, because I got most of my aggressions out with a cue ball and a poolstick last night, but here we go............

You know what gets on my last gay nerve?? EX'ES!! No, not those dating ex'es, well yea, them too, but not really what I am ranting about here. The last webisode above touched on it briefly when that Ryan Gosling wannabee, Ian, (though not as hot,) blamed all of his snobbery and being an ass because he "grew up a fat kid." I am so tired of Ex-Fat people, Ex-Smokers, Ex-Gas Guzzlers, blaming their faults on these past lives. You know what Ian?? You were probably an obnoxious fat person and a**hole, back then too. As someone who struggles with their weight, I understand it is not a cure-all when you lose weight, but life should be a bit better I would imagine. If you were a good person before, a slimmed down person may be less to love, but still good I would hope. Ex-smokers?? Puh-leeeeeeease, I don't even smoke and dont like it either, but when an ex-smoker basically goes into histerics if they are going to get smoke all over their clothes, or sit too close to the smoking section....Give me a break! It seems if you are a former "anything" nowadays, it gives you the right to rant and carry on like an expert in the field or something. If anything, I expect you to show a little more compassion with the struggle. Don't get me wrong, I am all for giving up addictions and self-destructive behavior that is bad for you or others, but try not to spit on me looking down from your high horse, okay? Congratulations, you did a good thing, you are better off for it, now learn a little humility and remember what the darkness was like back then. That's all, I will break you in easy this time, but Ex'es really do get on my last gay that, my blogger friends, is for another post at the Gay Guru After Dark, lol.

Have a great new week blogger friends, I feel better already getting that off my chest, be sure to share your pet peeves with me, or respond to mine.....and here is a little eye candy to get you going for the week, courtesy of Bent Blog. Cya....GG


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