Saturday, August 05, 2006

Playing Hookie For The Weekend, Need A Guest Writer in September, 3 Days O' Eye Candy

It's the weekend blogger friends, and I am getting a whole lot of stuff done that needs to get done. I am not going to really blog this weekend so I can catch up on my 6 other projects I am working on. I hope you all have a really wonderful weekend and come on back Monday. I am starting to get back on track for you all, still going to take me till probably mid to late August to catch up on all my projects, but if you are willing to stick it out, lol, I will try to get at least an occasional interesting topic, lol, and of course will keep you up to date on Eye Candy I find oh so yummy. I really felt guilty for not posting yesterday, but I have noticed that more and more of the daily blogs I read are skipping lot's of days over the summer. Yesterday was the first day I didn't put a post up since I started, and the guilt pangs are subsiding, lol. You can go a couple of days without a little Guru love on your puter cant you? You know I am still all thinking of you....=). I do want to announce again that I am going on vacation for a week in early September, and am really looking for one or a couple of special "Guest Writers" to fill in for me while I am away. If you would like to post for the Gay Guru for a day or two in early September, drop me a note HERE, before I start begging my blogger friends in the next week or so, haha!

Due to my MIA, Missing in Action status yesterday and tomorrow, I will post a triple helping of Daily Eye Candy today for you. I hope that will tide you over til Monday. Enjoy your weekend blogger friends, thanx for the emails, all is well, just playing catch up, but Love your emails, keep em coming or comments.......GG





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