Monday, August 28, 2006

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It's MEME Monday blogger friends, I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a bizarre weekend sleepwise as I adjust to working afternoons, now that training is over. I told you a bit of my drunken soiree on Friday night, staying out until 5 in the morning was A LOT better than waking up at 5 in the morning, lol. I appreciate all the kind comments and emails on hangover cures, It was a doozy on Saturday!! I hit a couple clubs with my friends Saturday night, and one of the local gay bars under new ownership really pissed me off.(I drank mostly water this night.) Before the club had like 8 owners or some stupid number, so it was always fun to watch all the free booze given away to "one of the owners" friends. You knew they couldnt stay in business that long that way. Plus they had the fortune of having a huge kitchen as well to make some extra money, but of all the owners, no one knew how to operate or promote it so that idea fell flat as well. Rumor mill has it that at long last the infighting of the owners caused 2 to buy out all the others. There was a big yellow sign attached to the roof proclaiming "New Ownership", (we are gay people, can a huge vinyl sign roped on to the roof entrance be more tacky? I am embarrassed.) Anyway, my friend and I go in, and I havent been in quite a while, so here's what I see different; (mind you I dont know if this is recent or has been done since waaaay back when my last visit,) A lot of the kitchen has been removed, and tables moved over to that area with an unfinished ceiling looking like crap up above with vents and wires and so on, an extended "add-on" to the dance floor, also tacky, and it seems that to save money the new owners might be saving labor by stocking the bar back up after a busy night by waiting until the next day when you are dead the first couple of hours. How do I know that? EVERY drink we got out of the cooler was luke cold to warm. Looks like they dont rotate product as well. Now you know I usually dont do club reviews and the only reason I am bringing this up, is I guess out of a bit of pettiness, yes the Gay Guru can be a biatch every once in a while. The topper of the evening was when my friend had left his gum in the car and wanted to go out and get it. They wanted him to pay his $2 dollar cover AGAIN, for a 45 second trip to the parking lot. I couldnt believe we were paying a cover to begin with in Ytown, Ohio on a Saturday night with no live entertainment and a marginal DJ, but thats just me. But to be too cheap to put that 2 dollars into a system like a stamp or wristbands so someone can drop off excess clothing, or get some cig's or gum from the car, hassle free, is that too much to ask?? We stayed briefly, and went to another club 25 minutes away, it was worth it to leave. Anyway, between drinking all night Friday, bar hopping on Saturday WITHOUT much drinking and playing too damn much Legend of Zelda on the GameCube Sunday, I changed my sleeping habits to get back to blogging in the mornings during the weekdays.

In The News, Lot's of politcal news as the campaigns pick up..........It seems my fellow Democrats arent stupid, just slow in coming to realize their idiocracy by "Alabama Democrats Reinstate Lesbian Candidate's Win"; proving that she is just as wacky now as when she stopped the recount and gave us Bushie back in 2000, "GOP Senate Hopeful Disputes Separation Of Church & State"; another country surpassing us in logical thinking, "Sweden Considers Gay Marriage"; citing that writing homophobic remarks is just what wacky college kids do, "Senate Hopeful 'Regrets' Anti-Gay Columns"; and finally, in 'dont we have enough going against us', "Gay Domestic Violence 'Invisible Epidemic"

For our fun MEME of the day, I am contemplating doing some highlights to try to drag out the summer for every bit it's worth, since I missed most of it in training. I rarely highlight my hair, its very dark, and if they dont do it right, it looks like albino tiger stripes or worse. I thought I would find out my inner hair color, but I am not sure if I agree....maybe I will leave the highlights in extra long before rinsing, but thats as far as i will go.........enjoy this

Your Hair Should Be White

Classy, stylish, and eloquent.

You've got a way about you that floors everyone you meet.

Eye Candy today was found on one of my favorite Myspace friends page Everson, he always has hot guys on there!!

****Sorry Blogger Friends, after that first pic Blogger pics went down..will be out on appointments, till late tonight, but I will get them on laterz*****


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