Sunday, December 31, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEARS!! Birthday Bash, Daveys Basement Needs Our Help Again



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This is such a busy time of year for me blogger friends and readers, I hope you all are ready for 2007!! Yesterday was the birthday extravaganza. So extravaganza'd, that I just got home a bit ago and am writing this blog before I crash for most of the day. Too much to go into right now in my diminished capacity, but there was plenty of food, shots, boys, girls, fun and mayhem to be had by all. Thanx to all of my wonderful friends for a great night. I rarely celebrate my birthday because it is in such a horrible time, 5 days after christmas and one day before New Years, but when it falls on a Saturday, what the heck. I do appreciate everyone and all of their kind emails and birthday wishes. One of the big smashes at the birthday extravaganza, was my t-shirt that I recieved yesterday from my awesome cyber friends over at "Dare Ya Wear" clothing, Mikey and D!! Thanx so much for the present. If you havent checked out their hilarious Gay T-shirst yet, you just gotta have one. My present was "Steve was no match, for a jealous Eve", and I just LOVE it!!

I wanted to give you an update on my favorite hero, Terri, over at "Davey's Basement". As all of my regular blog readers know, (and if you dont, shame on you, subscribe to this blog dammit, lol), Terri is the wonderful wife and mother, over in Southern Michigan, that loaned her company truck out to the local high school's Gay/Straight Alliance Club, to use as their float for the homecoming parade. Well, ever since their support of the club, they have been subjected to a town boycott of their cute little indie record/t-shirt/paraphanalia shop, and business went downhill fast. For a local business to be shunned by the locals for being compassionate to the GLBT community, is sad on so many levels. Christmas was not the turn-around point they were hoping for, so their options are dwindling fast. A local band has volunteered to stage a benefit for the store very soon, to help raise money to keep the business afloat, and possibly, move to a different location that can add a small coffee bar and performance area for local GLBT youth and adults to have a safe place to hang out. I will give you all the details and information as soon as the date and venue are set, but it should be very soon. If you could, please set aside a little of the holiday money you got, if any, and try to give your first donation of the new year, to Teri's business, or go to her shop online, and purchase a tshirt, or cd, or something, tell 'em the Gay Guru sent you. More news to come, please help me spread the word on this...thanx...GG

K, I am falling asleep in my chair, and dont know how I am writing as well as I am, only using the backspace key about 100 times so far. Hope you all have a safe and happy new years tonight. I will be spending it low key as part of my local downtown's "First Night" celebration. Oh, btw, blogger would NOT let me update to the new version, even though it keeps asking me every time I sign on. When I tried the other day, it said, could not do it at this time, to try again in a couple weeks. What's up with that? No Captured Cuties today, I order you all to go have some fun this new year's eve and find your own a little......take care and thanx for a lovely first 9 months of blogging as the gay guru, I really appreciate you all...............GG



Happy New Year!
Enjoy your life!
Anything can Happen! :)

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