Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's Wintertime, MTV Premiere's New Video's Every Night, Penguin Mania, Janice Dickensons 12 Days, Captured Cuties

Winter has officially come to NE Ohio blogger friends and readers. Our first snowfall that is actually sticking to the ground has come upon us, and thankfully it waited all the way until December 5th this year. Our high for yesterday was 28 degrees farenheight and today it should go up to a balmy 31. For those friends that live in Southern California and such, yes, snow is beautiful to look at and makes for a pastoral picture......for the first hour maybe. Then it turns to brown and black slush along the roadways, and breaks tree branches all over the place. I do love the change of seasons back here in Ohio, but I really could do without Winter if pressed. Living most of my life in SoCal, I am not a good snow driver. I still tend to tailgate, grilled into my brain by the many years of L.A. bumper to bumper traffic, and I have never had to worry how much weight I had in the back of my car or truck to minimize the "sliding effect". I am breaking out the snow gloves as well this morning because you tend to freeze your hands off while getting all that snow off your #$%&$#& car. (I dont have a garage, pathetic I know.)


Hey did you hear that MTV is launching new late night video premiere's each weeknight at 11pm. Last night kicked it off with the awesome Jay-Z's "Lost Ones". For the rest of the week you can check out:

Tues 12/5 - Danity Kane "Ride For You"

Wed 12/6 - The Fray "How To Save A Life" (new version)

Thurs 12/7 - JoJo "How To Touch A Girl"

Fri 12/8 - Mary J Blige "We Ride"

I am really looking forward to The Fray and Mary J Blige's releases. You can check em out each night at 11pm Eastern time on MTV....Go Music Heads!!

And did somebody say "As Cold As Penguins", here in the Ohio tundra? LOL, actually I just needed a segue to this story about the Happy Feet Penguins and the gay penguins Silo and Roy. "After Elton" writer Michael Jensen, this week takes on conservative columnist Michael Medved. Well, I havent poked some good political fun in a while now, so read this......

by Michael Jensen:

You'd think a good Orthodox Jewish boy like conservative columnist Michael Medved would know it's not good form to play with the truth. (You'd think Medved would know a lot of things he doesn't, but I digress.) This week Michael's got his knickers all knotted up over the new animated children's movie Happy Feet. Or as Medved calls it Crappy Feet. Is he Oscar Wilde reincarnate or what? I despair of ever being half that witty. It's not just that Happy Feet dares to have a pro-environmental message that enrages Medved (and the rest of his ilk), but that he detects a pro-gay agenda in it as well. The offensive character in this instance is Mumbles (Elijah Wood), who tells his parents he was born the way he is and can't change. I find it fascinating how much Medved hates the idea of teaching tolerance (unless it's done by animated Christian vegetables hewing strictly to the party line).

Attacking Happy Feet wasn't enough for Medved, however. Still brimming with rage, he spewed his venom over the editorial pages of USA Today where he took on the children's book Tango Makes Three. Tango tells the story of Roy and Silo, two male penguins in New York City's Central Park Zoo who raised a chick together. Here is where Medved starts to play a little footloose with his facts. Says Medved of Silo and Roy's relationship, “it was relatively short”. Hmm, the two penguins were together for six years. The average penguin lives for 18 or so years meaning that Silo and Roy were together longer than many conservative politicians and their wives. Medved also says it was very easy to break-up Roy and Silo. Yeah, that's why they were together for six years.

Medved then links to an article about Roy and Silo as proof of his claims. I guess he didn't read it to closely as the article details how the zoo currently has four other same-sex couples among the zoo's sixty five birds, one of which is the now grown up Tango. (Uh oh!) Medved also conveniently ignores the six penguins in a German Zoo who resisted their reparative therapy. Of course, maybe Medved isn't fibbing. Maybe he's just a crappy journalist.

Medved also criticizes Tango Makes Three for not detailing the end of Roy and Silo's relationship. Says Medved of the break-up, “an outcome never described, of course, in the propagandistic story book for kids”. Let's see, Tango was published in April of 2005 and Roy and Silo split in September of that same year. Does Medved think Tango's writers should buzz back in their time machine and change the book? Or perhaps he wants new editions to have an update? BTW, Medved's attacks on Tango are in support of some Illinois families who want the book, written for 4 to 8 year olds, moved from the library's children section to one for mature readers. He wants this despite the fact that it received a starred review from Booklist and has the complete support of American Library Association. Because whether it's movies or books, Michael Medved knows what's best for his kids—and yours.

Okay, for any of you that dont watch that trainwreck of a show thats fun to hate, "The Janice Dickenson Show", on the Oxygen Network. Here is a pretty funny holiday parody of her singing the 12 days of christmas, the dickenson way. It's a pretty bad copy, so sorry about the quality, but it's pretty damn funny. I love 10 gays a primping and 5 naked men...LOL

Tuesdays Captured Cuties comes from new blogger friend, Planet Homo. He is a fairly new up and coming blog that I like a lot, go check him out. Have a great day blogger friends, I am going to dig out of the light snow and head to the Studio and then off to work............GG



Oh GG, I hear ya on how beautiful the snow is...for a couple of hours. ;) Heck, if I want the snow I can drive about 45 minutes northeast, or if I want the ocean 45 minutes west...you remember, don't you? ;) I'll leave you with this from sunny SoCal where the Santa Ana winds are finally dying down...75 degrees for the high today, bright, bright sunshine, and 40 degrees for the low. Still getting that itch to return to your roots, babe? :)

Ms C Qrisp

Dear Ms Gay Guru,
Please accept my thanks for commenting upon my bloguette.

In normal circumstances, I would henceforth invite you to call me Cuntin, for I have never been one for formalities. Sadly, you have made the unpardonable faux pas of addressing me by the name that is not mine.

It has happened to better men than you, I assure you, while in the throes of ecstacy in my presence, and I appreciate that as you browsed through my blogue you may have experiences such admiration and pleasure that you forgot yourself. Unfortunately for you, I am not a forgiving type: please address me in future as Ms Quisp.

I have no objection whatsoever about being added to your Blog Roll, provided that it is tastefully done. Having glanced at your blogue (briefly, for I felt rather faint upon discovering it's size, not to mention all of those photographs of attractive men) I assure you that I am do not approve of your decision to not maintain alphabetical order on your Blog Roll, and I am certainly not interested in being listed alongside blogues titled 'Gravely Gay' or 'Teen Boy Secrets' but otherwise I have no objections.

I will return to peruse your own offerings at leisure before determining whether to place you in such illustrious company as those who appear in my own Blog Roll. I'm sure all of those I have listed with approve of my prudence.

Gracious thanks for having visited my own blogue.

Ms C Quisp


Good news about the vid premieres later at night.

Happy Feet, who cares if it had an agenda? I think its a good thing!

BTW, I will take the dirty boy on top, thanx, lol!

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