Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday To Do List, A Family In Need?, Drag Carols, Captured Cuties

Saturday is here blogger friends, and I lost all track of time yesterday and couldnt get another blog out last night. Good blogger friend Leonard is somehow rich enough or well connected enough, he is enjoying all three of the lavish presents I talked about yesterday, so christmas party at his house this year, LOL. This weekend I have to work my real job a bit, take in a meeting with another guy I am going to be doing some business with, and I have to clean up the studio of my buddy's production company that I have started marketing for. I set up a couple interviews with some NE Ohio newspapers and magazines for next week, and of course, he is out of town filming that excercise video in San Francisco, while the gay guy is stuck here in Ohio, lol. Speaking of production companies and the commercials we make, here is one of my favorite christmas commercials back this holiday season......

So as I have said many times, I love the christmas season for an excuse to give things to people and to help out those less fortunate. It should be how we are 365 a year, but it isnt, so I take it as I can get it. I want you to form your own opinion on this next piece of information I am giving you. Something about it is seting off serious alarms in my head, but the story is compelling enough, that I am trying to shake off my aprehensions. This comes from a gay porn website, from it's resident "Doc Feel", but he also happpens to be a PHD clinical psychologist. This supposedly has come to him thru childrens services and he says he has checked it out. It is making the rounds in the gay blogging circles, and I wanted to give it a small forum, but again, please read it over and make your own decision about it. I am researching it a bit more, and will get back to you if I find anything else out. Check out THIS WEBPAGE, and read the story and decide for yourself if you are able to help or if you want to. I try to keep an open mind, especially at christmas.

Nothing rings in the christmas season more than a good drag show, and a drag diva singing one of my favorite christmas songs of all times, "Do You Hear What I Hear".....Take a look.....

A couple extra Captured Cuties today, since I never posted again yesterday, so here they are from blogger friend Proceed At Your Own Risk. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend, no more snow here, but high is going to be 35 today...brrrrrrrrr...........enjoy.........GG



Aww, I would totally help out if I could.

Love that commercial...Im so not ready for xmas...uggh!


wow that commercial....hmm...LOL

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