Friday, December 08, 2006

FABulous Fridays Christmas Presents for the Rich and Famous

It's getting closer to christmas blogger friends and readers, so lets see what the rich and famous can get for us this holiday season as we take another look at FABulous Friday Finds.......

Remember that classic Christmas present; a wooden snow sled composed of three pieces of wood and a couple rusty metal skids. Or even the make-shift ones composing of a huge plastic garbage bag? Well, Volkswagen has thought of a way to put those old wooden sleds and make shift ninnies to shame with a series of 8 different rapid departure sleds for kids in various age groups. These savvy sleds get steering wheels, padded seating and cold resistant plastics, turning this old winter pass time into a whole new experience. The unquestionable stars of this collection though are the Lenkbob Snow Future GTI and Snow Flyer Herbie versions which are inspired from the Golf GTI and the Beetle Herbie respectively.

While the limited edition Nokia 8800 Sirocco Diamond Edition phones are still doing the rounds among the affluent mobile circles, Nokia has got another one up his sleeves, with the Limited Edition Nokia 8800 Sirocco Phone that is designed in partnership with the prestigious car manufacturer Lamborghini. Nokia & Lamborghini’s special edition phone features special Lamborghini themes and ring tones, as well as a video documentary. The luxury phones bears the luxury seal of Lamborghini with a discreet laser etched Lamborghini logo on the front and on the stainless steel casing and the words “Automobil Lamborghini” on its holder which lends it a unique luxury touch known to the Lamborghini customers. The phone also features special Lamborghini made ball bearings in the slider mechanism. Apart from the cosmetic ado, the phone specs read 262,144 colour TFT display protected by scratch-resistant sapphire coated glass and an integrated 2-megapixel camera as well as a 128mb internal memory apart from the usual list that includes an integrated digital mp3 music player, Bluetooth conectivity, internet abilities and video streaming services. The luxury phones will only be available in limited number of 500 units from Lamborghini dealerships.

With all the Christmas shopping and Christmas preparations to go, you need to take good care of yourself to be on your toes all through! So, don’t let the strenuous activities take its toll on you with the blissful Keyton Masage Chairs. Remember, we told you about the Moon massaging recliner long back, the company has now added more luxury to its collection with Innova Masage Chairs. The Keyton massage chairs use the most advanced massage technology available. And, with the hi-tech massage features, the chairs have got looks to fit right into your drawing room. The Keyton massage chairs epitomizes cutting edge shiatsu massage chair technology that analyzes the user’s back muscles at more than 350 massage points, and a multicervical positioning system that perfectly adapts to the neck area for the best-possible massage. The new models also feature new SensorScan massage system that personalizes, all the massages to the state of the back of each person, transforming each chair into a unique piece. The sophisticated control panel, located in the arm of the chair, allows you to enjoy an automatic massage at just a press of button and you can even personalize up to 32 types of massages with the remote control. The chairs come in various styles and colors for a price of $7,500.

See anything you like?? More to come later blogger friends...........GG



So I'm on the sled talking with my friends on my new Nokia and having a wondeful time. Then afterwards I get home to get a massage (sans a norwegian hunk name Olaf) from my very own living room. How GREAT would that Christmas be?!! ;-) peace

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