Monday, December 04, 2006

Not Enough Hours In The Day, Reichen/Lance Over, NPH Sings, In The News, Captured Cuties

I HATE MONDAYS!!! I know blogger friends and readers, welcome to the club, right?? I swear that science, physics, planetary movements, or some darn thing tells me that there is the same 24 hours in Monday as there is in the other days of the week, but it always seems like I am running behind and there's never enough hours in a Monday. Today I had to wake up, (a chore in itself for some unknown reason), take out the garbage I forgot to take out last night before the trucks came down the street, iron some clothes that I didnt feel like doing yesterday during laundry day yesterday, and clean up before the cleaning lady came, (dont even give me grief about that, it's worth every cent of the time I save.) That was by 9am!! Then I had to shower, shampoo and shine to run out to Chips studio that I am helping him get organized and marketed, by 10am. I worked there until 1pm and then and went to my "real job" and worked today 130-7pm. Then I rushed home and caught up on email and phone calls which brings us now to 8:15 eastern time. And you know I gotta rush this post out before Heroes starts at 9pm, LOL.

Doing a quick review of a couple of my daily reads, it seems as though Lance Bass and Reichen are history. That's a sucky time to break up, around Thanksgiving and Christas. Do you remember Lance showing off his house at Christmas last year, it was beautiful. Well, I am sorry to hear the gay couple of the year broke up, but I wish them both well, I couldnt imagine living my life out in the real world, under the microscope they did. I just hope it wasnt because of one using the other or anything, sometimes you are just not in the right relationship at the right time. Speaking of our Outed, or self-outing celebrities of the year, it seems that Megan Mullaly had the cast of "How I Met Your Mother," on the show where newly confirmed to the world gay man, Neil Patrick Harris and fellow castmate broke into a broadway bound singing of Les Miserable's......check it out below....Thanx You Tube and Perez Hilton for the heads up.

25 minutes left to Heroes.......In The News......this has not been a good couple of weeks for the NYPD, NYPD Ordered To Pay 3 Officers $1.5 Million In Homophobia Case; hey, if it works for Elton John, it must be good, lol, UK Marks First Anniversary Of Civil Partnerships; and finally, he will have to duke it out with Mitt Romney as to who hates the gays more, Gay Foe Sen. Brownback Moves Toward White House Bid.

Okay, I will try to get back later with some more, if not, thanx for letting me have a couple short posts lately. Todays Captured Cuties, come from the blog with all the hotties, BoyBox, I wish he would get back to updating his pics again........Have a great week blogger friends...........GG



What? Your a Heroes fan!! GG! do you know how much we could have been burning up blog space over this series! LOL I can't wait until next year to see what happens next!

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