Monday, December 11, 2006

Sorry I Missed A Day, Secret Santa Alternatives

No blogger friends and readers, I did not get snowed in away from the puter yesterday, I just had too much going on to blog. Thanx for checking in on me though, it is really appreciated. I hope you all had a great weekend and are getting more in the christmas spirit by the day. Only 14 shopping days left to find that perfect gift for the Guru, LOL. Speaking of gifts, the Secret Santa exchange didnt get off the ground as needed so it is going to have to be shelved until next year. Thanx for all of those that expressed a willingness to participate, and I am learning time tables and organization as to how to promote effective campaigns thru the blogosphere. Give me a little more time and I will have it down. In lieu of Secret Santa's, I am asking all my Gay Guru fans and readers to keep the spirit of the holidays alive and redirect your secret santa gift in one of the following ways....

It's too late to get care packages out right now, but you dont need a holiday excuse to support our troops. As badly as this war was bungled and ill-planned by our leaders, this is still American service men, doing their duty to our country, and they need our support all the time. Check out different organizations where you can send a letter of support or a care package. Below is a video for a fantastic operation, and it gives details on how you can support our troops. A quick email google search will give you hundreds of organizations dedicated to this effort. Take the time you were going to spend on Secret Santa and write a letter to a service man or woman, whether it arrives by christmas or not, it will be heartfelt when received.

Another way to celebrate the spirit of the holidays in lieu of a secret santa is to go to your local post office. Each year, thousands of kids write letters to santa and they are left in the post office back rooms. The post office actually allows you to go there and request some letters to fill that persons wish. Take a second to get to your local post office and fulfill some kids holiday wishes today.

You can also call your local Salvation Army. They have a program called the "giving tree" where they get specific needs for local families in the community and put them on cards on trees around the community. You can take as many cards as you wish, and buy whats on the card and take it back to the location of the tree or bring it directly to your Salvation Army.

I have much more to post about, but its going to have to be late night tonight due to another busy day.....the holidays never seem to get easier do they, just busier. Take care blogger friends........Captured Cuties, late night tonight.....GG





Thanks for thinking of our troops this holiday season! One of my best friends is being deployed to Afghanistan this Sunday. It breaks my heart to think how many families this war is affecting at home and abroad.

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