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Secret Santa, Kramer, Press Release, In The News, "HUMP"day Wednesday Captured Cuties

Morning blogger friends and readers, the snow has stopped and didnt leave much, except for the bitter cold. Hope you are all making it thru this half way "HUMP"day Wednesday. For some reason, my email program bounced back all of my emails about Secret Santa. There is still time to participate and I will be resending out the emails individually this evening. You will need to respond back if you want to participate and your mailing address by December 10th and your secret santa gift needs to be mailed out by December 17th. If you want to participate and I dont get another email out to you this evening, please email me your wanting to participate and your address to

So I never commented on the whole Michael Richards, (Kramer), thing, because it was wrong, everyone else was talking about it, and I didnt have anything really relevant to add to it. I think everyone has some sort of prejudice or racism in them, (especially those that start their sentences, "I am not racist but......"), and the true test of someone's heart, is how they deal with it. I think it's basically a fear or non understanding, of those that are different. That's how I can relate being black to being gay. Someone's innate fear or prejudice or racism is exposed if they can't confront and control their fears to move on and understand the other person, realizing we are all the same. Richards was wrong and on the far other side of just being afraid or racist, he showed true evil in his heart towards another person, and that is something that needs sought out it's base and treated either psychologically or medically. All that being said, I am going to jump on the bandwagon of poking fun at a serious matter and show this video I found on one of my favorite blogsites, the mind of baub, made by National Lampoon. Baub also has a hilarious vid of Margaret Cho you might want to check out on his site. He has been busy with a new job and hasnt posted much lately, but it's always a fun read when he does post, enjoy.

One of my friends, sent me over this press release that is going out as he tries to raise money for a GLBT center in the country of Poland. He is an artist and activist with big dreams and bigger ambitions and I wish him well on this project. Check the links out for ways to order these erotic dvd's for christmas presents.

My Way To Dreams, Solo Sessions, All In One Day & Angeli del rugby 2007 DVD'S Launch

The goal is $180, 000 and we desperately require your assistance in helping our friends in achieving it. Thanks to our "graphics-genius" we've a new photo graphic for our Worldwide campaign. The delicious model is from the Angeli del rugby calendar & DVD. His name is "Gabriel" On this beautiful display are the amounts as tabulated through combined sales of the 4 DVD's since the official launch date 22 November 2006 -- products listed here, not only ADR2007. This week mainstream and gay review will appear in journals worldwide. . G Magazine of Hong Kong dedicated 6 beautiful pages in their December magazine. Read it here. Interestingly, as of this post date, Angeli del rugby 2007 is ranked #13,527 out of perhaps millions on Amazon . And finally a sidebar: Our benefactors DVD My Way To Dreams ranks #34,833 today. Not bad at all -- now if we can convenience enough of our readers, at least 5, 000 to make a purchase the goal to build the Out Reach Center will be completed before Christmas. Let's make this happen. The creator Szymon Niemiec the projects recipients needs more than words of praise for his courage -- in fact for most of his struggle that's all that he's received. This isn't just another "gay" guy -- He started the gay pride celebrations in his homeland, fought against the police, Neo-Nazi's, et al. And he did it alone -- everything after that fact which has been achieved since 2001 in Poland he spearheaded and is still sacrificing his privacy and life to battle homophobia. But don't take our word for it read his blog, write him show him that he is not alone. His government would like to see him fail -- we do not, nor do we believe that you do. When you purchase a DVD off this link, Szymon directly receives the money for noble endeavor. He is the owner of LGBT Press of Poland. Sure, the Dieux du stade is a wonderful DVD and we too have our copy but how much of the millions that are siphoned from the gay community goes towards gay charities? ZERO. In addition when you or your readers purchase one of the 4 DVD's offered by LGBT Press, while supplies last, you'll be 1 of 5, 000 people to own one or if you are extremely fortunate all of the series -- not 1 in tens of millions. A unique priceless "artful" treasure and a feeling of contributing to a good purpose. We here have received several emails about the pricing on Amazon and CustomFlix -- They receive 55% percent of the products retail price or any products placement and rightfully so, they are in the business of business. The DVD's are offered for less by LGBT PRESS because Szymon has a limited quantity of autographed and numbered editions which he himself discharges in poste to those that order via his company, see video clip. The blog-o-sphere community ought to be busy making this happen, start by reading Szymon's personal blog and communicating directly with the source. The natural state of man is his freedom and the great lengths he will go to achieve it. Solo is acceptable but that journey can be made much more comfortable with friends along. Continue checking-in for updates, we're definitely passionate about this campaign more post and why to follow all next week.

Some interesting stories IN THE NEWS............Wow, I can't wait to see how this will play out in the political circles, Report: Mary Cheney & Partner Expecting Baby; will she have the balls her husband didnt and remove dont ask, dont tell if elected?, Hillary Explores Iowa, New Hampshire; it's about time, Deal Paves Way For Approval Of Compromise Ryan White Reauthorization; hmmm, it is almost snarky enough to get my respect, even though it pisses me off, Gay Nativity Not So Gay; and finally, this is just sad and sick, Confession In 23 Gay-Sex Serial Killings.

You remember Scooby Doo's little nephew Scrappy?? Well today's "HUMP"day wednesday expanded edition of Captured Cuties has gone to the dogs and is full of "puppy power" as Scrappy loves to say. These are all pics of guys and their dogs from blogger friends over at the Gentlemans Canine Society. With pets often being the GLBT community's equivelant to kids, it's about time I featured some. You are welcome Socalmuchacha, LOL. Have a great rest of the week blogger friends.......GG



These have to be the BEST pics you've shown, my dear (and you've shown some mighty fine pics over the course of the past months ;))...LOVED these! Thanks. :)

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