Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Last Post Before The Switch, Advice For Questions For Videographitti, Brothers and Sisters Episodes FINALLY On ABC Website

Okay, hold your breath blogger friends and readers. This is probably the last post I will make before I attempt the switch over to the "New and Improved" blogger...yea right!! I am getting sick of my 'puter screen asking me everyday, "Do you finally wanna switch over to the new blogger egghead??" So sometime between tonight and Saturday, I will attempt the move. As I said, I am copying my template, just in case I need some blog addresses or to try to cut and paste this back to some sort of normalcy in case it all blows up. It may be a smooth as silk transition, but I am not counting on it. I just dont have that kinda luck, and besides, it's my birthday Saturday, so something needs to come down and rain on my parade, LOL.

So I am transitioning into more and more hours at the production studio, trying to convince my friend I am worth paying so I can get the heck out of my other job that I have grown to hate. There are a lot of kewl and exciting things happening over at Accent Media, and I hope I am becoming a strong part of the team in getting the place a bit more organized and recognized as we head into a new year. One of the things I have been working on there, I could use your help with. I need some of your fabulous ideas that bloggers and readers are so famous for. Here's the dealio, as part of my marketing campaign for the company, I am creating a blog, (who woulda thunk it eh?), that will chronicle a bit about our company, and be hopefully of some use to the general public as well. I have just started the shell of it, and (gasp!) you may even get to see my picture that I have hidden from you all so well here over the last 9 months, as I want each of the guys at the studio to have a face shot on the blog. The site is at, and I have tentavely titled the blog, "Videographitti". As I said, part of the blog will be promotion for the company, but part of it will be some useful blog entries for all of you wannabe filmakers, videographers, camerapeople, editors, web builders, etc., and will offer some friendly tips and advice. Here is where I need your help!! I need ideas for posts of things you guys would like to know about the things I just talked about. Nothing super fancy, but we may be able to individually help you with those problems as well on occassion, but some simple troubleshooting questions or advice questions, that could help you all out. I want to make some humorous headlines with some worthwhile advice. Something like, "Better To Be Seen Than Heard??," and advice about using built in microphones with the camera's, or a good microphone to invest in with your camera and how to use it. Or like, "Great Ideas Begin With A Flashbulb Going Off Above Your Head," and give some advice on the best use of flash and lighting for a shot. So there you have it blogger friends. What kind of ideas do you have for questions about Camerawork, lighting, editing, software, graphic design, and web building, that you would like answered. I will be sure to let you all know when entries to the blog are posted. Heck, I may even copy and paste them over here on this blog and add them to the Gay Guru Website as well. Be sure to check out the Accent Media MySpace Page that I created also, over at

As I told you on christmas, I will be blogging lite until January 2nd, with sporadic posts. I hope you all had a great holiday season and are getting ready for a rocking new year. I see big things coming for the Gay Guru blog and website, along with our One Year Anniversary in April. One last thing I HAVE to tell you about is the ABC show "Brothers and Sisters", that I have been gushing about all season. Well ABC listened to the emails of myself and I am sure a million others, and FINALLY put the full episodes up on their website, and will be replaying each new episode online 24 hours after the episode originally airs!! So go HERE, to watch those episodes now. You have just got to see how one of the best portrayed gay man on television is written, along with actual kissing and implied sex, whooooeeeeee!! Todays Captured Cuties come from google searches of Hottie Kevin and Justin. Enjoy blogger friends.......GG



Good luck with the transition to the new Blogger, babe. I switched ours over and each time I want to do ANY little thing on the darn blog it makes me sign in, from creating a post, to then viewing it, to any editing...must sign in each time...VERY annoying! Hope you have better luck, kiddo. Will try to think of some ideas for your other blog, but the brain is pretty fried. :) Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I'll still be older than you come Saturday. ;)

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