Friday, December 01, 2006

Website is Getting Festive, Happy Virtual Christmas to Mikey, In The News, Scary Gay X-mas Video, Captured Cuties

Changed up the Home Page for the Gay Guru Website, and added christmas music to all the pages blogger friends and readers. Check it out throughout the weekend, and I will be updating the pages individually...look for them to turn

Today, my virtual christmas gifts go out to Mikey, who has helped out so much with the HIV Awareness page at the website. The first thing of course, would be 10 boxes, each smaller than the rest, each wrapped individually, until you open the last tiny box and in it is no jewelry, but a pill and your HIV will be TOTALLY removed from your system. Next, over by the tree, would be the bestest bicycle a rider could ride on that bicycle trip you want to take, with a comfy seat, and a bell to ring and rainbow streamers coming out of the handlebars, lol. Finally, I would give you a magical airline ticket that would get you onto any flight you ever wanted to visit all of your blogger friends that you connect to so well. Keep your viral load undetectable for real until that pill can be unwrapped and have a very happy holiday this season Mikey, thanx for all the work you have done for the website.

Some of the more interesting articles IN THE NEWS..........let's see if arnold with wimp out and be a girly man again, Gay Marriage Bill To Be Reintroduced In Calif. Assembly; so much for no child left behind, let's leave behind the sick, Administration Gets Failing Grade In World AIDS Day Report Card; when in doubt, bring out the lesbian lover, Lawyers For Accused Mass Murderer Suggest Man's Wife Had Lesbian Lover Who Committed The Killings; and finally, i had menengitis and it's not fun believe me, i wasthisclose to dying, Meningitis Scare At Toronto Gay Bars.

No matter how much egg-nog I drink this holiday season with who know's how much spiked rum in it, please, and I say PLEASE, dont ever let my christmas get this gay!! OMG!! Those french/italian/fritalians are just a litte loopy eh?

And because I cant keep my hands off their fantastic photography or just their amazing eye for good pictures, todays Captured Cuties again come from my friends Drew and Pepe over at He Said, He Said. Enjoy your weekend blogger friends......GG


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