Thursday, December 07, 2006

San Francisco, In The News, A Little MTV News, Captured Cuties

Hey blogger friends and readers, welcome to Thursday. The snow is back, but it's still not sticking on the roads much yet, thank goodness. That could all change by tomorrow, when we can wake up with up to 6-8 inches, (not that I haven’t woken up with 6-8 inches before thank you very much, lol.) The bad thing, is that my buddy Chip, who owns the production studio I am working at as his marketing manager, is scheduled to fly out in the morning to San Francisco for a 4 day shoot to film a new exercise video. I wish I could have gotten out of my other job so I could tag along and help out and goof around in the city. I used to live an hour and a half from San Francisco in Monterey, Ca, and the first time I went into the city, it freaked me out and I left after an hour. Luckily a good friend showed me around, and I fell in love with it. I even left my heart in San Francisco one night for a boy named Rob, but it was only for the night, haha!

And IN THE NEWS.........thats a one a spicy a meataball, Italian Senate Calls For Gay Unions Bill; and closer to home, Canadian Lawmakers Rebuff Bid To Reconsider Gay Marriage Law; well even if we havent got all the rights yet, we sure are talking about it more than ever before all over the world, NJ Civil Union Bill Heads To House Vote; gay sports are just not the money makers they once were, especially two events in one year, jeeesh, Outgames Files For Bankruptcy Protection; and finally, unfortunately ending on a sad note, Drag Performer Electrocuted To Death During Performance.

Shall we talk a little MTV for a moment. Our gay boy Davis over at Real World Denver has a serious meltdown and seems to be off the show. There goes that eye candy, but really, what's up with all of the 'N' word bombs going off lately, jeeeeesh, Michael Richards, Andy Dick, now Davis at Real World. And for our gay girls over at The Real World/Road Rules "DUAL", it seems there is some fighting in the house over is she really gay or isnt she, and a nasty case of fly in the food. YUCK!!

Well blogger friends, not much of a post today, sorry, just kinda nothing too much to write about, hopefully some good stuff over the weekend. Here's a couple Captured Cuties from MySpace...............enjoy............GG



Nice hotties!

Im gettin into this edition of the real world. Davis is such a lil hottie. I watched the episode tonight and it looks like hs gonna stay, good for him!


I have't gotten into this season of Real World but now I have to check it out! So the gay twink used the N word?? *sigh*

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