Friday, December 15, 2006

2nd Day of Christmas

We continue on with the 12 Days of Christmas, I think by christmas day this blog is going to be the longest blog in history, LOL. Enjoy blogger friends.....GG

The Gay Guru's 12 Days of Christmas

On the 2nd day of Christmas, the Gay Guru gave to me, "Paws and Reflect"

And a wish of peace and love all year through

For most dog owners, our dogs are not possessions, they are family. Gay men in particular have found joy in bringing dogs into their nuclear circles. Their dogs love them unconditionally, without judgment or regard to sexual orientation; comfort them when they are in pain; and because most men outlive their dogs, teach them extraordinary lessons in how to cope with loss. . . Paws and Reflect is a celebration of all the dogs we have loved in the past, the dogs we love now, and the dogs of our future, who are only waiting for the right moment for us to invite them to join in our lives.

Through interviews and with original contributions, Paws and Reflect explores and celebrates the special and powerful bond between twenty-five gay men and their dogs. Interviewees included Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Edward Albee, Cannes award-winning director Jonathon Caouette, Academy Award-nominated writer Ron Nyswaner, actor and playwright Charles Busch and Animal Planet's David Mizejewski, with contributions from authors Jay Quinn, Alistair McCartney and seventeen others.


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