Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Short Saturday Evening Post, LOL

Happy Saturday blogger friends, it's cold and windy here in the great NE portion of Ohio. Yesterday winds were blowing things all over the place. They have calmed down quite a bit today, but jeeeesh, am happy I wasn't Donald Trumps hair yesterday, LOL. Hope you all are enjoying the first weekend of December. As usual, I have too much to do including a little work, a little shopping, a little website updating, and a little ME time. It's going to be a short and sweet blog entry today, but I may have another post up later tonight. If not, will give you some extra captured cuties tomorrow. I will be sending out invitations today to be part of the Secret Santa Gift Exchange we talked about on here. If you are interested in participating in our exchange, email me this weekend at All others that have already expressed interest, I you will get confirmation to find out if you still want to participate in the mail and email it back by Monday please.

And just for some fun, here is a little trailer trash christmas montage for your viewing pleasure............enjoy blogger friends.........GG


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