Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Am Looking For A New Holiday Tradition.......

The holidays are crazy for me blogger friends, so much work, shopping, parties, friends and festivities to do, I lose all semblance of time and space, thus, blogging will be very erratic until the New Year. There might be small posts, there may be no posts, there may be triple or extended posts, I will do what I can, as I can. I would like to post the 12 days of christmas starting tomorrow thru christmas day. I have some ideas and I hope they all come out okay, to ensure at least one small post a day.

For now, I am looking for a new christmas tradition. I have been in the NE now for about 8 years, and I have yet to start any holiday traditions. Granted, I lived in 4 other cities all around the NE and New England since I came here, so there has been some small excuses for not getting into the swing of a tradition, but I love fun quirky things. While I was living in Southern California, my friends and I had a tradition for 8 years of christmas caroling in Beverly Hills. Did you know that not all stars have huge driveways with gates at the bottom to keep out strangers like me. Every year, my closest friends and I would gather, it would be about 8-15 depending on if we brought along other friends. We would dress up in our Winter's best, (and thats hard to do sometimes when it's 80 degrees at christmas time in cali every once in a while,) copy some christmas music, (you would think by year 8 we would have em all memorized, but we didnt,) and gather up some candles, and we were off. A lot of the older stars had very nice million dollar homes in BH, but they were nothing too different than some of the really nice subdivisions in the ritzy areas of your hometown. Can you imagine the fun we had and some of the people we were fortunate to sing to? We started off the first year, with a map of the stars homes believe it or not, and after the first 2 years, just started going in some different areas and being surprised at who we might see. My most special memories were singing White Christmas to Bing Crosby and his wife, Dashing thru the Snow to Jimmy Stewart and his wife, Silent Night to Rosemary Clooney, and a couple more you wouldnt believe. We were never invited into a star's home, but some of the 90210 residents did invite us in for coffee or a cookie on occassion. The funniest and most embarrassing time for me, came one year when Stacey forgot to by dripless candles. We always had little candle holders we used and rarely made a mess, but this year, all the wax kept pooling down on our candle holders or in the top's of the candles and someone bumped Jimmy, and he spilled wax all over Lucille Ball's front brick walkway as she and husband Gary Morton watched in a little alcove window above their front door. Jimmy mad a loud "oh damn" in the middle of the song and we all started giggling and stopped and he explained to Lucy what happened. She was very kewl about it and let out one of her own Lucy laughs, it was embarrassing and fantastic all at once. After caroling each year we would pick a place in Beverly Hills, or Hollywood, or somewhere close by for a big dinner and to talk about the night and who we met and just hang out as great friends. We hit Hard Rock Cafe at the Beverly Center, Ed Debevics 50's style diner, Lawry's for Prime Rib, Le Dome, on the Sunset Strip, Hamburger Hamlet in Beverly HIlls, and a few more places. It was one of the best christmas traditions I ever had.

Lucille Ball's House Where we Dripped Wax on Front Walk

So anyway, I am searching to start a new christmas tradition this year, you all have any suggestions?? What are YOUR holiday traditions? Do you do anything fun, exciting, spiritual, goofy, or whatever each and every year? I would love to hear about it. Enjoy blogger friends and readers, I will post as often as I can the next few weeks..........GG



I dont really have any good xmas traditions. Xmas when I was a kid was great but now its kinda lost its luster. I just like to be surrounded by great friends and family. That, I think is the best tradition of all.


I love those stories GG! Wow, talk about an amazing time to be Caroling. Well for the last two years I was in school, and I studied on Christmas. I was in S. Dakota and although I had close family there...I had no desire whatsoever to go to my aunts house and celebrate. So I went to work and studied until late at night in my office. It was peaceful. I'm home now and I will probably go to my parents, but at some point, I think I want to be alone and just reflect on the past year. Maygbe it's more of a New Years thing, I dunno. Sounds kind of sad, but at the same time, it was healthy for me I think. ;-) peace

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