Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years Festivities, Gay Guru Website Update, Find the Chat Room Contest, Original Sin Wanted in 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR Blogger Friends and Readers!!! I hope none of you are still hung-over from too much champagne and ringing in the New Years. First Night Youngstown was rather uneventful if not a little fun. Not as many participated as I hoped, but then again it was rainy all day and most of the night, so what could you do. The fireworks still went off without a hitch, and even the low clouds, made some of the colors even better. They spent $5,000 dollars on the fireworks for two shows, one for the kids at 9pm and one at Midnight. We have a couple great fireworks places close by. In New Castle, PA, the Zamarelli's were the ones who put on the fireworks show in NYC for thier Rocking New Years, this year. Here locally, Phantom Fireworks, gave the city about $7,000 dollars worth of fireworks for their $5,000, so they could have the extra kids show. Along with the fireworks, there was Elvis, a couple of the local theatre groups, some bands, some movies, a horse-drawn carriage ride around the city, and of course the ball drop from the top of the bank building at midnight. Of course it is an alcohol-free event, but that didnt stop many from ducking in a few of the open bars downtown for some cocktails to warm them up and get them out of the rain. What did YOU do for New Years this year blogger friends?? Be sure to leave me a comment or drop me an email, would love to hear what went on around the country and around the world.

I changed the christmas music out of the Gay Guru website,, and replaced it with some American Idol winners and runners-up, since the new season will start this month. WHOOO EEEEEEEE!! The Guru like's himself some American Idol!! I will also be spending some time each day the rest of the week, updating the rest of the website with new content as well. I am back on the lookout for a web designer who will take pity upon an old and penniless Guru to help build me a kewl new site for free or at a drastically reduced price. For now however, I have a bit of a quest for you all. I have hidden a link somewhere on the website. One that hasn't worked before, but I have set it up for a temporary link to a new page in the website. I have decided for 2007, to add a Chat Room to the Gay Guru website. I was looking around, and think I found a good chat room to add to the site. I have created a test page with a link somewhere on the webpage. I will be in the chat room each day this week, mon-sun, at 7pm Eastern time US, and 11pm Eastern time US. I will be on for up to 1/2 hour at least, each night. I have emailed some friends the exact link to get to the chat room. This is a free version of the one I am thinking of getting and I want to see what people think first, before I purchase the upgraded room. For the rest of you, or if you are a good friend that I have missed, I thought I would make a little game out of it. If you are the first one to find the chat room, when I am in there, I will send you out a little Gay Guru grab bag of goodies. If I get some positive feedback from my friends that I have invited to test out the chat room, it will be up and running for everyone, with it's own page on the navigation bar, next Monday. Happy hunting friends.

I am going to be appempting once again in the new year, to get you all to send a couple candid pictures of yourselves, that I can use for Captured Cuties of the day. For those that send in pictures, you can be credited or anonymous, and the pictures will be called, "Original Sin", since the pictures are not up anywhere else. So if you see "original sin" with the pics of the day, they will be from friends and readers like you. If they say "captured cuties", they will be pics from somewhere I found along the Internet Superhighway. You can send me your "original sin" pictures at the contact page of the website, or at the upper right side of the main blog in the "email me" button. Just put "original sin" in the subject line, and then let me know if you want me to name you, name you and your location, or want to leave you anonymous. Please remember this is a PG13 blog, meant for those 18 and over, both in the GLBT and straight community, but who knows who could click thru here, so please make sure there is no nudity besides an exposed bum. Thanx, and I hope we can get Original Sin going this year, it didnt really catch on last year, lets see if you all have opened up a bit, LOL.

For now, lets start off the new year, with some captured cuties from blogger friend over at "Proceed At Your Own Risk". This is going to be the best damn gay year period blogger friends...........Make it so..........GG


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