Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday Morning Cartoon Blah's, PFLAG Protect Your Rights

Morning blogger friends and readers. Much to do this weekend. Need to go into the studio today and put together a print and web ad for the business that is running in 2 weeks, need to finish updating the website a bit, and need to take a little time to chill. Hope you all have something exciting or relaxing to do over the weekend, whatever is needed. Is it me, or have I just gone over the edge with my birthday happening last week and all? Don't Saturday morning cartoon shows SUCK!! I used to be so excited for the saturday morning shows, and while relaxing on the couch today, I decided to indulge in some nostalgia. That lasted about 5 minutes. A narcissistic emporor on Disney, some lame horses on another channel. What happened to the kewl stuff on Saturday mornings. Okay, I am old, I admit it, I wont scare you all with all the references I can conjure up, but even He-Man and Skeletor were better than some of the stuff I see now. And what happened to the live action shows? Remember ISIS and SHAZAM hour? Sigmund and the Seamonsters? Sigmund and Johnny and Scott were friends you know!! (scott, hahah). Anyway, maybe I am just too old, but I cant find a decent Saturday morning show, and I am just gonna go to sad is that!!

For my local NE Ohio friends, there is an important seminar being held in a couple of weeks. The local PFLAG chapter is hosting a seminar on how to legally and financially set up your estate as part of the GLBT community. With the passage 2 years ago of Issue 1 here in Ohio, that was one of the most far reaching, anti-gay marriage and civil union measures in the country, this is a very important seminar. I urge you all to go if you have the time. For my non-local readers, contact your local area PFLAG or Gay and Lesbian Community Service Center, and see if they can arrange something like this in your home town. Until we get full equal rights under the law as our straight counterparts, we MUST protect ourselves, our families, and our estates. THANX PFLAG.......



Total Saturday morning flashback, babe! Yup, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, H.R. Pufnstuf, and of course School House Rock (which I had to get on DVD! ;)).

Do you remember the bits about cheese that would play between cartoons? Tell me you do! Swear folks think I made that up...then again they also think I made up the "Growing Up Skipper" Barbie doll whose chest would grow when you turn her arm around! Hmmm, maybe it's just too much California sun, eh? ;)


GG ur into cartoons??! Ok...please tell me you can answer this question. When I was a kid...there was a cartoon in which a family...could turn into rockets...or got into rockets? No, I think they turned into rockets. Like the dads was this big silver rocket...and the mom turned into this smaller pink rocket, the sister turned into a pink rocket with a stripe etc. I swear I remember that cartoon but I can't find a reference of it anywhere. If anybody can help solve this mystery/memory/hallucination ;-) let me know. Thanks!


Good Job! :)

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