Monday, January 15, 2007

Jake Gyllenhal: Saturday Night Dreamgirl, Win One/Lose One on TV

Good Morning Blogger Friends and Readers. Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was busy getting things done so I can go on my roadtrip next weekend to help save Daveys Basement. If you have not been to the gossip blogs this weekend, you may be one of the 4 people who havent seen Jake Gyllenhal's opening bit on Saturday Night Live this past Saturday. I gotta say a couple of things; first, that was no mocking, that was pure comedy and a big shout out to his gay fans. It seems Jake is humble enough to know that he is starting to shoot thru the roof right now, BECAUSE of the support of our GLBT community. He is also fearless, to pull that skit off with no timidness or afraid to show his stuff, in drag, or whatever, is someone who is very comfortable with himself. And third, the notes werent always there, but more were on than off, and he was pushing it to the back of the building. If he can reasonably sing a tune that well as needed, I think we need to sign him up for "Brokeback The Musical"!! Hey, it could happen, lol.........

We Win One, and We Lose One! On TV last night, we lost one of the two gay candidates in DT's Apprentice. Somehow, Carey thought about 5 inches of pink paisley fabric was going to make a "fabulous" mens swim trunk. He was able to channel his inner porn version of Issac Miszrahi, or whatever the heck, and was happy as a little princess, but it helped his team lose the task. Back to the tents with them. And next week, all but one are back to the tents AGAIN, because DT gave the winning team a pass next week and the losers all have to compete individually against each other next week.

Last night on Brothers and Sisters, we won BIG time. Hottie Jason Lewis showed up as a closeted soap star who Kevin meets in the gym. It was pretty out there as his character really pursues Kevin hardcore, but then pulls the "girlfriend" card at just the right times to keep him guessing. Should be an interesting storyline, and hey, we got another same sex couple kiss, no big deal on a major network in primetime again, you gotta love that!! More later friends..........GG



I actually saw that opening segment with Jake and he was most definitely giving it his all...was fun. :) Sorry, babe, found an area we'll have to agree agree to disagree on...The Apprentice. Couldn't STAND the pompous jerk before (and I think we know who I'm talking about ;)), and REALLY can't stand the sight of him now. I am, however, now hooked on Brothers and Sisters. Not high drama, but fun to watch. Some of my favorite actors in there. :) As for the kiss, felt like I was watching it with you in a scene straight out of W&G where they're all amped up for it, but the camera pans away...not this time! And yes, the guy playing the soap star...hottie! ;) Took my mind off the heartbreaking defeat my Chargers had a few hours earlier...if only for a bit. :(

And let's all try to take a bit of the day to remember why it IS a holiday. :)


LOL Brokeback Mountain the Musical. We need to start a petition!

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