Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Award Season, Captured Cuties

Award season has begun again blogger friends and readers. Queen Latifah and company were rocking it at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A. tonight. I have to admit, I usually LOVE awards shows. Some can be pretty lame, but the chance to dress up for the night, have a blast hob nobbing with the rich and famous, (or I guess your friends and aquaintances if you ARE rich and famous). I used to go to the awards shows a lot when I lived in L.A. They use "seat fillers" so that the auditorium always looks full. My friend was a coordinator for the Comedy Awards and the Peoples Choice, but he got to send people to the Acadamy Awards and the Emmys. The thing is, that you are constantly moving around the theatre while stars go backstage to present an award, or after they win one. You usually end up sitting next to "so and so's" husband/wife/etc, or next to another star. The bonus of knowing the coordinator, is that he knew what stars were going to be last minute no-shows, and we would get to sit in the same place throughout the night. One night comedy award night, I got to sit at the "saturday night live table" when dana carvey couldnt be there last minute. Another night I sat next to Valerie Harper,(Rhoda), all night long. Both times were fantastic.

It gets me thinking though why we dont try to have our own awards show for gay filmaking. I mean, I guess we do with the "spirit" awards for independent movies, and film festivals, but wouldn't it be kinda kewl to have our own awards show. Could you imagine how hot a lot of the male stars would look, and how fabulous the drag boys would show up, LOL. Get's me cracking up just thinking about it.

It's quiet outside as we get another snowfall. This is only like our second one of the year that is sticking a bit. Enjoy the rest of your week friends. Captured Cuties today are from blogger friend Marco at One Third Basketi....Enjoy...GG



Hey there GG! I am finally back, been away far too long!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday and heres to a great 2007!!

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