Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Thanx For A Great Year, In The News, Uh-Oh Animations, Captured Cuties

Sometimes blogger friends, you just have to step back, take a deep breath, and say wheeeeeeeewh!! I can feel the last bits of trouble and torment from 2006, slowly draining from my body and I am getting a little dizzy by the promises that 2007 can bring. You are all a big part of why I am excited about the prospects of the New Year. Although blogging almost daily for 9 months has made it seem much longer, I really have to be amazed by what has happened in a short 9 months. I have really done very little to promote this blog since I started in April, yet looking at the stats, I have had over 84,000 visitors to the blog, over 122,000 page views to the blog, over 10,000 visits to the website, and over 55,000 visitors to the MySpace page. A quick scan of the world map stats shows visitors from the tips of Australia, to the tips of South America, and from the Islands of Japan to across the USA. I have met cyber friends that will forever change my life, like Lady L, Mikey, Mike and D, Marko, Marco, Leonard, Stuart, and too many more to mention.

I did not do a "Year In Review", over the weekend, because, honestly, there was just too much talk about and think about, and there were some other bloggers and websites that just did it better. I am making a personal journal of big events this year, and use it hopefully in the last waning days of 07, to write down what happens this year. I am seeing big changes in the Gay Guru sites, big changes in the country with a different Congress, and the same ol' Iraq problems, and big changes in technology that will see this blogosphere and the other components of cyberland, boom with sonic sound of the space shuttle.

Some of the things IN THE NEWS, as we start our new year....... we can always use a hero, Berlin's Gay Mayor Rescues Neighbors From Fire; let's hope it's for the quality of recruit, not the quantity, Former Top General Calls For Repeal Of Gay Military Ban; they say that polls never lie, Poll: Nearly 60% Think Another State Will Legalize Gay Marriage In 2007; you take two steps forward, gotta take one step back, Mass. Lawmakers Uphold Vote On Gay Marriage Ban; and finally, doesn't this make you want to fly the friendly skies, British Air Force Searches For Gay Pilots

There's a new danger over the internet boys and girls.......yes, the Gay Guru has taken his first baby steps into learning animation. I know, I know, it's a pathetic first attempt, but it's a chance to look at some hot abs, and the speedo is changing colors courtesy of MOI dammit, LOL. Who knows where this will lead to. You can all send the nasty mail to D over at Dare Ya Wear T-Shirts for setting me on the path of simple animations.....bwaaa haaaa haaaaa..........

Have you found the mysterious link to the Gay Guru Chat room I have been testing over at the www.thegayguru.net?? So far, two of the invited guests have found there way in. We are experiencing a couple of bugs, but overall, I think I am going to like getting this chat room up and going. Read yesterdays post if you want to try to find your way into the room. Remember, the first one in who says HI that I didnt personally invite, wins a GG Grabbag of fabulous merchandise, LOL. Todays Captured Cuties are courtesy of my blogger friends Drew and Pepe at "He Said, He Said." Enjoy blogger friends, and remember, I will be perusing the chat room for at least a half hour every day thru this Sunday at 7pm and 11pm Eastern US time. Come in and say HI!



Hey, if you think I've changed your life so far, just wait until you come out here for a visit! Southern California will NEVER be the same! LOL I hope 2007 brings you all you hope for, my dear...and a bit of peace to our weary world. :)

Just wanted to let you know that you might want to check out WordPress if you keep having problems getting over to the new Blogger. It gives you the option to bring your Blogger stuff over there. I finally gave up on Blogger since I can't even access the damn thing at this point and they can't seem to find time to help me figure out the problem. So far I'm digging WordPress...and yes, I did say digging! ;)

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