Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Series Coming to HERE TV! Lite Blogging Ahead

Hey blogger friends! The snow has finally found it's way back to NE Ohio, and I was sorta hoping we could skip Winter this year, dangit!! I got an email from my friend John over at HERE TV!, talking about the new television show, where they just finished wrapping it's innaugeral 6 episode season. It's called "The Lair" and is scheduled for a Spring 2007 premiere. Set in a small coastal town, The Lair opens as the bodies of young nameless men are turning up dead with vicious wounds to their necks. A young journalist is investigating a series of mysterious John Doe murders. Clues to these crimes lead him directly to a private gentlemen's club called The Lair, where the deepest, darkest desires are fulfilled. As he gets closer to solving the mystery, Thom finds himself ensnared in a blood thirsty coven of vampires. The Lair stars Peter Stickles, who gathered a following this year from his work in the acclaimed indie Shortbus, as Damian, the leader of the coven of gay vampires, as well as newcomer David Moretti, who takes the lead as Thom. With a strong, talented cast, HERETV! is pleased to add "The Lair" as another original scripted series to our growing slate of projects. Programming on the network, runs the gamut from sexy soap operas to thought-provoking documentaries, and The Lair is a welcome addition to that line up. The Lair is the latest project reflecting HERETV's commitment to bring fresh original programming to the LGBT community.

This week is kinda slammed for me boys and girls, I have a huge open house that I have organized for the studio to get our name out there, the mayor, a congressman, and some heavy officials who can use our services in the future are going to be there, so I need to get everything organized down to the last details. I also need to get ready for my roadtrip to Daveys, (please no more snow, please no more snow!!) Sorry if posts will be lite this week....take care..........GG



Hey GG, I wanted to come by and say hey!
I know what its like to be busy, since my return from vacation things have been crazy!



Going...through...withdrawals....sigh. Good luck with the Open House, babe! :)


I need to get HereTV!


It's Monday GG, Heroes is on! Hope you watched it, I'm excited! ;-) peace


GG, why has it been 10 days since you have communicated with the blogger world?? ;-) peace


Sounds like a must watch series to Tivo.

Big hairy muscle hugs of thanks.

Appreciate the tip.

P.S. really enjoy reading your fascinating and factual blog posts. Great stuff.


YO GG do I need to Send out an Amber Alert in Ohio? :)


Yes, GG, absence DOES make the heart grow fonder, buddy, but we were already fond of you! ;) Okay, you're gonna force another phone call out of me since your email addy bounced back to me. And you SOOO don't want to incur the rath of SoCalMuchacha for worrying your online buds, do ya?

Everyone, I did call GG and spoke briefly before our call got dropped, and he was fine, just super busy. That was over a week ago, though, so guess it's time to put on the worry-wart hat again and dip into my world-famous talent of annoying someone. You've been warned, GG...either come out, come out wherever you are, or I'm coming on in! :)


we LOVE you Guru.... hope to see you back in the action soon. - mike and D'


GG! I know your busy (thanks for informing me socalmuchacha) but a little blog? a little blurb to say hi, I'm alive and well...a little something? now how you gonna just deprive people of your wit and sunshine! I hope all is well. Don't make us sic cocalmuchacha on ya!! ;-) peace


y'all know I meant SOcalmuchacha... ;-)


I'm bout to send out a search party!







Wow. And yet nothing...GG? where are you?


I am beginning to think that this blog is dead.


Jesus, hopefully it's only the blog that is dead.


Hmmm..GG...you started something great here...what happened? I hope all is well.. ;-) peace

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